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Air of America

Unique Souvenirs - Arts, Crafts & Sewing [Air of America]

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Forget about the same old souvenirs...the same 'Statue of Liberties' that you see in every store walking down Broadway street in New York, NY or the many Washington Monuments' you see during your stroll on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

Wouldn't you like to find a different and unique gift? you prefer to collect more of those plates, or caps, or t-shirts that you've got adding up in your cabinets or drawers?

Are you tired of picking something up and reading on the bottom...Made in China? here's a souvenir made in America...Air of America.

Here we're offering you something made in the U.S. that's original and unique. Air of America is a colorful, well designed souvenir. This souvenir is an 8.4oz aluminum can designed with various attributes of America. Inside this can is compressed air. Yes...yes...don't be's a can of air!!

Just think...this little novelty item was produced to offer you something to share the memories, feelings and pride of America with friends and family here in the United States and abroad.

When you're on vacation or even on business to various locations around the world...China, Europe, Australia or even South often have you asked, What can I bring from the United States about the United States, if you want to surprise them...or woe them with something unique...then share with them a Sip of Freedom.

This souvenir will always remind them of you and of America each and every time they see this gift. Bring them a smile to their face...give them a gift from America...Air of America!!!