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Arizona Urns

Urns - Organization Storage & Filing [Arizona Urns]

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I hand make unique wood cremation urns. My round urns are turned on a lathe. Great care is used in the production of my cremation urns with attention to detail as my priority. Each urn is hand made, one at a time. I use the finest grades of hardwood available and I provide quality cremation urns to the public at a fair price. These cremation urns are not cheap stained woods. They are made from exotic or domestic, top quality, hardwoods. My large cremation urns are 250 cubic inches in size. All of my urns receive at least 8 coats of polyurethane protective coating in order to properly seal and protect the wood. The polyurethane also provides a beautiful luster that really brings out the natural grain. Polyurethane is UV resistant as well as resistant to soap and most cleansers. The lids on the lathe turned cremation urns are threaded for easy opening and closing, making the urns spill-proof. The rectangular cremation urns have a plate on the bottom held securely with screws. There is felt on the bottom of the urns to protect surfaces from scratching. I thoroughly inspect every cremation urn before it is sold. You will not find a better quality cremation urn for these prices. Cremation urns made from stamped steel, porcelain, or imported woods from China, do not compare to the quality of the hardwoods that I use in my products. I also make custom cremation urns. If you want to design your own cremation urn, select a basic shape (round or lathe turned), and type of wood. This allows you to build to order your cremation urn. The box shaped cremation urns can also be custom made to size. Email me with your design and wood types and I will send you a quote. There is no extra charge for custom made cremation urns. If you want a custom designed cremation urn, you can go to my wood source and choose from many different types of woods. All you have to do is let me know which wood you decide upon, I will order the wood and build your cremation urn. The web site is