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Beeswax Candle Works

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Our company had its beginnings in 1979 when Christine purchased her first beehive equipment and packaged bees. In a few years the beehives were increased to about 100 hives, which produced honey and bee pollen for sale. In 1985 a small company was formed as a sole proprietorship under the name of Erwin's Bee Farm. The focus then became finding ways to use the beeswax that was accumulating from the extraction of honey.
A few candle molds were purchased and experimentation was on its way. Beeswax candles were sold through a distributor and on consignment at local stores. As time progressed, the company started selling it's candles wholesale nationwide.
In 2004 Ed and Christine Barth incorporated the company and changed the name to Beeswax Candle Works, Inc. Our website went online in early 2004 and we continue to sell candles to our internet customers both domestically and internationally. We also sell wholesale to domestic retailers and wholesale to international retailers.
Our commitment to our customers is that we sell our candles using only 100% pure USA beeswax. Except for the wax dye in our colored 5 x 3/4 blue dipped tapers and colored 10 x 34 dipped tapers, 100% pure beeswax is the only ingredient in our handmade candles. We are firm in this and we buy our beeswax directly from USA beekeepers. Our experience in 1994 clinched this commitment when we purchased beeswax that came from China. Every box was stamped 100% pure beeswax and we could tell right away that something was wrong. We had the beeswax tested using gas chromatography and the wax tested 60% paraffin and 40% beeswax. Never again! We do not process any other waxes through our shop - only 100% pure USA beeswax.
Today you will find a large assortment of 100% USA beeswax candles on our website, We have over 35 sizes of hand dipped candles, three sizes of tea lights, three sizes of votives, three sizes of emergency candle tins, over 25 sizes of solid pillars, over 30 figurines, and over 10 sizes of beeswax honeycomb candles.
If you want 100% beeswax candles please make sure the company is selling 100% pure beeswax. A candle can be called pure beeswax and still be 51% beeswax and 49% paraffin.