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Espresso Art

I purchased an E61 and Grinder from Savatore for my wife last Christmas. It is an incredibe machine of very high quality that has worked flawlessly since it arrived. It's as if I have a Starbucks in my kitchen. We had a cheap import that barely spit out brown water. We hung on to it way too long. This machine cost substantially more but since its purchase my wife stopped her daily visit to Starbucks. Won't take long at that rate to save a bunch of money.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel that is powder coated for rust resistance. The cup warmer is 22 gauge brushed stainless steel hand punched for venting. The body is 22 gauge brushed stainless steel for an elegant satin stainless appeal. Original valve and round twist knob from the 50 s.

The grinder came to use set perfectly to match our machine and the beans my wife loves. It has adjustments to match any combination and it too is a work of Art. The bean hopper is just the right size and the sound of the grind is not too load.

Salvatore's machines are a piece of Art too. I love his work and highly recommend his products.