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We help create American jobs by making it easy to find Made in America products

Made in the USA Organization

MADEINTHEUSA.ORG is an organization comprised of member businesses all dedicated to producing and selling Made in the USA products. Collectively, our members represent a major U.S. asset that benefits the entire country by providing quality Made in USA products and good paying American jobs.

Recognizing the importance of our members success, this organization performs research, analyzes data, documents its findings, developes needed tools, and communicates competitive advantages exclusively for the benefit of its members. Using their decades of experience managing and operating U.S. manufacturing businesses, our staff performs these tasks to help our members become more successful by beating their foreign competition.

This organization shares the results of its efforts with its members as a series of benefits available through membership. For a comprehensive list of the benefits members receive click Why Join. Membership is availabe for eligible companies in exchange for a small fee. For information about the fee and what s included click Membership Options.

We are a privately owned and funded entity that has no relationship, connection, or affiliation with any political party, religious group, association, State, local or federal government.


Any of the following business types are eligible to become a member:

1. Manufacturers that employ Americans to make Made in USA products that contain at least 50% US content.*

2. Retailers selling and promoting products made by our Members.*

3. Organizations selling or using for promotional purposes, products made by our Members.*


Our primary mission is to help US manufacturing companies beat their foreign competition.

To accomplish this mission, we began by studying the consumer to determine what drives the market for Made in the USA consumer products. We spent tens of thousands of dollars and multiple man years creating, gathering and analyzing data about the US consumers thinking regarding Made in America products.

This research answered many questions including but not limited to; (1). How sensitive is the consumer to pricing differences between foreign and domestic goods? (2). How much demand for Made in USA product is there and what are its demographics? (3) What are the, if any, current and future consumption and purchasing trends that will change the market? (4) For purchasing decisions, how much does the consumer rely on labeling when choosing between domestic and foreign goods?

We analyzed the data looking for competitive advantages like, but not limited to barriers to entry, economies of scale, distributions methods and channels, and promising marketing approaches and campaigns that, if revealed to US manufacturers could be used by them to beat their foreign competition. From these efforts, we discovered many things the US manufacturer should be doing to beat their foreign competition. We documented and consolidated all we learned into six documents, five Reports and one Plan / Set of Instructions, all are included with our Premium membership.

We also implemented two functional components whose need was revealed by our market study. We created a uniquely strategic search engine Co-op and a comprehensive method to declare the US content of products. Both of these components constitute competitive advantages for the US manufacturers. Being included in the strategic search engine cooperative is part of our basic and premium memberships and the US content solution is included with our premium membership only.

We also used our creativity and included with both the basic and premium memberships, a cash giveaway promotional program where we pay the consumer to buy Made In America products. Participation in the program is optional. However, for members that choose to list their products in the program, our organization will pay lucky purchasers of the listed products, up to $10,000 for buying them. More GOOD NEWS, the organization pays these promotional amounts our members do not.

Our secondary mission is to help create good paying American jobs.

At times, because many foreign manufacturers pay so little to their workers, don't follow the same safety and environmental protection regulations we do, and provide no social safety net, the challenge to compete and win against them seems nearly impossible. It may seem impossible but we embrace that challenge because we already know, it is possible to WIN!

Winning this competition, foreign versus Made in USA will make a huge difference for all Americans not just our members and the Big Secret shows how we all can help! Share this Secret with family and friends, and as we help our members be more successful these efforts will translate into more good paying American jobs, and that s good thing! .


1. We reserve the right to accept or reject, for any reason, any company or organization that applies to become a member. This right is absolute and the decision is at our discretion! Without refunding fees, we also have the right to terminate any membership for making false or misleading statements at the time of application or anytime thereafter.

2. At times certain members are listed according to the terms of our complimentary development program. These memberships are issued on a temporary basis and are issued at our discretion. These development memberships are temporary until converted at their expiration date.