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The Spray Box all Made in the USA

The Spray Box is a self-contained freshwater wash down system that mounts in the bed of a pick up truck over the wheel well compartment. It provides a convenient source of high-pressure freshwater (100 psi) that can be used to rinse, clean or cool off with when a conventional water source is unavailable. The Spray Box is a one size fits all product, fitting 99% of the trucks on the market today, both full and mid-size models. Its universal design also allows it to be mounted on the driver or passenger side of the truck. Click here for box measurements.


The Spray Box was originally used as a tool to rinse corrosive saltwater off of boat and jet ski trailers immediately after launching. Today there are 100 s of other uses for the product in both commercial and recreational markets. Hunting, tailgating, camping, ATVing, kayaking, construction, farming, and mining are just a few examples of where it is used. The Spray Box is assembled with commercial grade sub-components, meaning it can be used in a commercial work environment without any problems. A lot of our customers are building contractors, ranch hands, miners and wildlife offers. If it s good enough for them then its good enough for you! Order yours today.Click here for product specs