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The Tip is 'Ask manufacturers'

Some times I have run across an advertisement that implied a product was Made in USA but the product did not have the Made in USA label. Before I buy or put the product on my Made in USA list, I email the manufacturer and ask if their product is Made in USA. If they say yes I ask why their product is not labeled that way. Seldom will they tell me why but many times they will tell me every component that is Made in the USA and those that are not. I then make my decision about buying their product and put it on my list if they convince me.

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It's been a few decades since I was a young kid, watching Bladerunner and the Star Wars trilogy, and dreaming of the sci-fi-esqe future. Now, in the year 2012, I feel like it is time to make that future a reality. We are incredibly lucky to live in a time where we are surrounded by a new wave of smart devices which allow for rich visual communication anywhere.
Our goal is to help our customers enjoy the full potential of 21st century technologies, and to create smart clothing and products that serve multiple functions and address daily necessities. A T-shirt can be more then just a shirt if you begin the design process with novel fibers. All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured right here in the USA, using top of the line production and quality control methods to ensure that our products are manufactured with great care and are of the highest quality. The Alphyn Wearcom? line really addresses the need of using the devices regularly and wearing them comfortably. We are also incredibly proud of our ?Gen? Silver Armor brand, garments that are truly advanced at the microscopic level and protect the wearer from invisible but dangerous environmental hazards.
The idea behind Wearcom? was to design garments for communication devices that seamlessly streamline your electronics into your clothing. A few years ago this wouldn't have worked, our gadgets were not advanced enough. But now we have a bevy of amazing options to surf the net, check our email anywhere, chit chat internationally, and even make video calls! ? all in a small device on your wrist, or a slim smart pad on your chest. Our goal is to design garments for communication devices that make it easy to carry around and use on the go.
?Gen? Silver Armor was discovered while learning about the incredible properties of silver metal in defense applications. Silver has superb healing and shielding properties, and I feel that it is time to rediscover these untapped applications and use them to our advantage. I find it fascinating that silver metal kills almost all bacteria on contact. That property alone makes silver useful in many medical applications. Silver is also extremely thermally conductive, the most thermally conductive of all metals, and it helps regulate temperature when it is in close contact with the skin. Silver is also the most electrically conductive metal known and when used in the form of a woven network, such as a fabric, it makes a powerful shield against electromagnetic radiation. I am very excited about the ?Gen? Silver Armor brand and the amazing products in our labs that will soon be added to our store.
The manufacturing industries today are undergoing a material revolution. All kinds of new smart materials are finding their way to design labs around the world. It is our mission to find these cutting edge technological solutions and showcase them in our garments for our customers. We merge these technologies with the best materials, craftsmanship and product design, in order to make your day a little easier and safer while still looking and feeling great.
Thank you for your interest in Alphyn Industries Inc., and I hope you enjoy our products.
Ben Raviv

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