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The Tip is 'Use Search Engines'

After putting on several pounds, I had been trying to lose weight and fortunately I was successful. However, I discovered my pants were too loose. I needed several new pair. Having been thinking about the Big Secret I decided to go where I could buy Made In USA jeans. I thought about having to find those jeans and decided I would, follow the advice from the old Yellow Pages ad and "Let My Fingers Do The Walking"

Fortunately, today it is even easier because we have Search. I used the most popular Search Engine to locate a Made In USA jean manufacturer. I then used their web site to find a retailer that carried their jeans. For Made In USA clothing "Let Search Engines Do Your Walking".

Use caution though not all companies that appear on page one for Made in America product searches are making products in the US.  Some try to fool you into believing their products are Made in the US.  Caution! 

Buying Tip Continued - Read more on Made in America Products by Andreas Beau

Andrea has her family to thank for her love of design. Her grandfather (a dress manufacturer), her grandmother (a department store millinery buyer), her father (owner of women's boutiques), and her mother (a former fashion model and noted artist), exposed her to the shoptalk of aesthetics, color and textile trends, fashion houses, and factories.
Fairytale princesses in fanciful gossamer gowns, crowns and satin slippers
inspired Andrea's first designs. Her mother further encouraged her to
appreciate beauty in simple, everyday objects like a vase of daisies, a ballerina's costume, a birthday cake. Later, during her own extensive world travels, she observed marvelous hair decorations on women and girls which, she believes, reflects the universal feminine pleasure in making oneself pretty. Before the brand was conceived, these early
influences helped create Andrea's own design aesthetic: adornments, be
they garments or hair accessories, should complement but never
overshadow one's innate beauty.

One day, Andrea walked into a dusty old shop in
New York's Garment District. She spotted a rumpled but exquisite
roll of French floral ribbon on a shelf. As a new mother to a beautiful, if not
virtually bald baby girl, she knew just what to do. She made her first bow out of
that ribbon, and as if it were destiny, Andrea's Beau was born.
What began as a lark quickly transformed into an all-out hair accessory obsession. Within months, Andrea had designed a girls' collection of handmade casual and special occasion headbands, hair clips, flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, dressy gloves, tiaras, and First Communion veils created from refreshingly un-repetitive trims, ribbons and silk flowers unseen in the children's market. Soon after, her women's collection of casual and formal headbands and hairclips materialized as well, which she carted, stored in a hatbox, to buying offices along the east coast. Often without appointments, she learned simply to open the box and let the products sell themselves. Rapidly, they did just that. Over the years, her designs have appeared in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie as well as hundreds of small boutiques and online catalogs around the world.
From her Washington, DC studio, with the help of a wonderful staff and inspiration from Marc, Andrea's original beau, she continues to create subtle, elegant and exceptionally well-made hair accessories to delight women and girls, and those who behold them.

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