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The Tip is 'Keep eyes open'

After reading an article about items made in America I thought about how many times I make purchases without thinking.  I'm usually focused on budget and needs. Prior to reading this article on made in the USA products, I rarely thought about the importance of buying made in USA products.  This helps create jobs in our country. Now I keep my eyes open and I am surprised how easy it is to find American products.  It only takes a few seconds to look. 

Now I make a point when I am shopping to search for made in America brands.  By doing so, I'm able to identify more and more what products are made in America.  Even with my eyes open to made in USA I can get discouraged.  Sometimes store clerks don't know the country of origin which can be frustrating.  If this happens use your eyes to find the origin information yourself.  Look at the labels and when you find a Made in USA product tell the clerk so the next time they are asked they will know.

Also, when the label is not easily seen I use the other made in America buying tips to help me find made in USA. If the store doesn't carry what you are looking for, use Made in America Secrets to find it and tell the manager about your experience at their store. 

When enough people are asking for made in the USA products, more stores will begin to carry products that are made here.  This technique does work.  I also pick and choose the stores I visit.  I do this because I have found that some stores are made in America friendly while others are not.  Keep your eyes open for the made in USA label and pretty soon you will be able to identify which products are made in the USA. 

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At Kodabow, we build crossbows using state of the art manufacturing processes and materials.

We do not take shortcuts. Everything we do is well done and every feature on our crossbow has a reason driving the development. The objective was to build a finely finished and highly durable sporting arm with solid performance characteristics and high accuracy. You can immediately feel the difference when you pick up a Kodabow crossbow. You will be convinced when you pull the trigger. The difference is technology like the Kodabow Cam Following Trigger System (CFT?).

We make each individual part stronger and with more precision that you might ever expect and well beyond what you may ever need. A crossbow is a sum of its parts and the failure of any part or design element can quickly become a disaster in the field. Since we are hunters, we know the importance of the experience. We also know that you would not be considering Kodabow unless you felt the same way. You have high expectations and so do we.

The world is changing around us. Made in the USA is heard less frequently than it should be. Technology can create new opportunities as well new challenges in a disorienting manner. As a new hunter or as a long time hunter, it is likely that you currently or will eventually personally define yourself to some degree by your passion for this sport. Time in the field often provides the moments to reflect and sort through life's priorities and future plans. It is unusual to be a hunter and not feel strongly about ethics, fair chase, political positions and even the overall direction of our country as it relates to your sport. In this changing world, you may find that the outdoors and your hunting experiences are cornerstones that serve you well through youth to older age. It is timeless to revisit the woods where you hunted years or decades earlier. If you choose to make this journey with good equipment, it is a wise decision... and Kodabow will be there for you. Our crossbows are simple and straightforward. They are highly capable products and if you are a hunter, we expect that Kodabow crossbows will serve you well.

The people behind this company are exceptionally skilled. In our collective experience base, we have built components that meet unique service requirements for the space program, tactical military weapons and commercial shooting sports products. Some of us have hunted nearly 50 years with everything from primitive hunting tools to some of the most advanced shooting systems. These perspectives help us appreciate the art and magic of the hunting experience and drive us to make a great crossbow without compromise.

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