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Since it's free - try our site next time you are looking for anything made in the US like American Furniture, American Apparel & Clothing, or even Watches that are Made in Detorit, Michigan. Check out our Gift Ideas tab when searching for Made in USA gifts it's quick and easy saving you valuable time.  Also if you love Pinterest like we do, check out our Pinnables tab or go direct to our Pinterest Boards. These images are great as reminders for the next time you want to buy American Made products. Our research told us approximately 150,000,000 US consumers are either very interested or extremely interested in buying Made in America products.  For them, one of the greatest deterrents to buying Made in America products is not being able to quickly find them.  We solve that problem with Made In America Secrets it makes it easy for the US consumer to find and buy any one of thousands of Made in America products. The following are a few examples of these:

Made in America products in the Sports & Outdoors category: American Made Thermacell Butanes, Knife / Knives Sheaths, Inground Basketball Hoops, Trotlines & Clips, Weight Trees, Axes, Skateboard Luggage, Whistles, Hunting & Fishing, Replica Football Helmets, Mini Power Sprayer, Gloves, Horseback Bedrolls, American Made Survival Knife / Knives, Camping Stoves, Gym Flooring, Graphite Fishing Rods, Crossbows, Basketball Hoops, Fly Tying Cases, Bowman Gear. All from great American Made manufacturers. We link the consumer to thousands of Made in the USA products in over fifty categories.

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The Tip is 'American Eagle'

We have made a special attempt to find companies offering a variety of Made In USA products.  We have thousands of items ranging from fabric made in USA to golf clubs made in USA.  Additional examples include knives made in USA, pants, dresses, sweatshirts, jewelry, tees, outdoor gear, eyewear, American made bikes, underwear, outerwear, computers made in USA, artwork, and even things as specific as laptops made in the USA. 

A few of our companies offer clothing items that aren't made in America so please be aware when you are shopping at their online stores.  Our links send you directly to the Made in USA items, but if you leave our specific links you may not be shopping (or viewing) made in USA items.  It's easy to return if you happen to leave the Made in America group.

As you search for items don't forget to check your spelling as typos can result in an empty search.  Please try our browse all products button and click on the most likely category that your product might be in.  Click the category browse through the products. 

As a side note the two most common misspellings of American Eagle are American Eagel and American Egale.  As an example, if you misspell eagle and forget to use our browse all products you could miss the search result of American Eagle cuff links. 

If you find an error in any of our links please contact us and we'll remedy the problem.  Your feedback is always appreciated.  With your assistance our fee to use site will always improve.  If there are other b2c Made in America manufacturers that you feel would benefit by advertising their products made in USA, please let us know.  Our goal is to have the biggest depth and width of easily identified Made in the USA products.

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Precision ONe Ammunition is a relatively new company, but the owner, Jeff, has been reloading since the early '90's. Our company goals are to bring a consistant and accurate round to the market pleace. Only top quality components such as the brass, powder, primer, and bullets are used in the manufacturing process. Most factory ammunition for the consumer is made with generic powders and broader tolerances. Our products are developed for optimum accuracy and functionality with tighter tolerances using top name brand products.
On some calibers, like the .38 and .357, we use two different recipes for those calibers. If you have a short barrel or 'snub nose', we use a faster burning powder to get the most veloctity and accuracy for that perticular type of firearm. For barrels over 4 we use a slightly slower burnig powder to obtain a higher velocity without decreasing accuracy. The more the powder can burn in the barrel before the bullet exits (without exceeding the firearms' pressure limits) gives you more velocity (fps) and better accuracy.. One can always use either bullet in either firearm with absolutely no issues, some even like the 'flash-bang' associated with the slower burning powders. You and I would never notice a difference in 'burn time' is milliseconds-if that long.
Please specify if you would like your ammunition customized for your firearm. There will be NO extra cost for pistol calibers. We can even put a label on the box to say This ammunition was custom made for John Doe (Case quantities ONLY please).
All ammunition produced meets S.A.A.M.I. requirements and is made for that perticular caliber it is designed for. You must specify if you want your ammunition customized for your firearm.
Precision ONe Ammunition is a fully licensed (Type 06 FFL) and insured company. We appreciate feedback both positive and negative. Please feel free to give us your opinion at any time. We will take all responses to improve our relationships with our customers and to improve our company's success.
Give us a shot and you will be back for more.

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