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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does WANTED mean and why have I not been linked to the product I am looking for?

A: We determined the product being advertised at the spot labeled WANTED was not Made in the USA. Therefore, we removed it from our site. Its absence has created a need for us to locate another Made in USA item for this product name. We have not been able to find one and are soliciting your help in doing so. Please CONTACT US with your recommendation and we will greatly appreciate it. If you are a manufacturer and make this product in the USA please see the details for Advertising on Made in America Secrets by clicking here.

Q2: Some of the products on the page I am linked to are not Made in the USA, why is that?

A: Some of the of the internet stores we link you to sell both imported and Made In USA products. We try to link you only to their Made in the USA products, however sometimes this is not possible. This can happen when an the internet store mixes foriegn products with domestic ones all on the same page. When possible, we try to inform you of this before you link to the store. For more about this subject please read our buying tip "before you buy".

Q3: I do not see a link to my product displayed, why is that?

A: For one of many reasons, occasionaly we must change one or more of our links. This does not happen often but when it does enter the product into our search box and click go. The product you searched for may be in two or more categories, check each category and your product and internet store options for purchasing will appear. If your product does not appear check back later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q4: How do I use your site?

A: Watch our tutorial and it will show you.

However, if you would rather read the following is provided:

1. Type into our search box the product you are interested in and click GO. An example is shoes.

2. Your search will provide a list of shoe types. From that list click the type you are interested in. An example would be baby shoes.

3. After clicking baby shoes, look to the far right side of the page that appeared and you will see the words baby shoes.

4. Below the words baby shoes you will see a stack of rectangular advertisements. Click the first Ad and you will be taken to an online store that sells baby shoes.

5. Return to Made In America Secrets (it's still open) by clicking its tab on your browser bar.

6. Click the next Ad of the stack and you will be taken to another store that sells baby shoes.

7. If you do not find that perfect pair of baby shoes from the baby shoes stack of Ads.

8. Return to Made in America Secrets and click your browsers back arrow. After clicking the back arrow you will see the list of shoe types that resulted from your orginal search for shoes.

9. From this list choose another type. This time choose childrens shoes.

10. Repeat the process until you find the perfect pair of Made in America baby shoes.

What kind of products are in your database?

A: Only Made in America products. These products range from Made in America jeans to soap and everything in between.

Q6: How do you know the products you have listed are Made in the USA?

A: Before including products in our database we review the manufacturers website and/or contact them to ascertain the origin of their products. Some advertisers sell both Made in USA products and foriegn ones. Please refer to FAQ2 for the details regarding these advertisers. Also more Made in America information is available for each advertiser by clicking the information icon above each advertisers ad on our home page.

Q7: What if you discover a product is not Made in America?

A: We will immediately verify any complaints regarding deceptive Country of Origin claims. If we determine the claim is not truthful we will immediately remove the product from our database and suspend our relationship with the Company making the claim.

Q8: How do I report false Made in USA claims?

A: To document your complaint, email us by using our Contact Us page. We will only respond to complaints that have been submitted in writing. .

Q9: I clicked one of your links and was sent to the wrong place, why is that?

A: The intended site could be down for maintenance or some other reason. Try the link again later. If it continues to not function properly use our Contact Us page to file a complaint. Your complaint will be investigated only if it is submitted in writing.

Sometimes your links send me to manufacturers that do not have an internet store, why is that?

A: A few manufacturers continue to operate their businesses without internet stores. Please contact them to express your desire to purchase their products over the internet. Until these manufacturers add an internet store you can purchase their products at the brick and mortor stores identified on their website. We included them in our database because it is consistent with our mission of helping you find Made in the USA products.

Q11: What types of companies do you link me to?

A: We provide direct links to the following business types:

Retailers - Several of our links are to retailers. Most retailers sell many brands. If the specific Made In USA item of interest is not on the destination page that results from our link refine your search at that location.

Manufacturers The majority of our links are direct links to a manufacturers online store through which you can purchase their products. For those that do not have an online store you will be directed to a retailer that does sell their products.

Q12: Do you guarantee the accuracy of your links?

A: We provide no guarantee, however we constantly strive to maintain the accuracy of our links.

Where did you find the statistics for the Big Secret?

A: We used data from ABC news and extrapolated.

Are your Big Secret numbers 100% accurate?

A: The numbers are only estimates of the number of new jobs that would result if we all spent an additional $200 per month on Made in USA products. However, the concept is 100% accurate. If we buy more Made in USA products more people will be employed.

Why don't all products have the country of origin on the label?

A: The FTC does not require most Made in USA products to have the country of origin on the label. For more information about this subject read the following:

The FTC Made in USA Standard is

Also read our "Know your Labeling" tip.

You can change this by becoming involved. Email the manufacturer to request content information on their label. If enough people ask, labels will change. Learn about Made in USA Content it offers a solution that manufacturers can use to convey US content. If Made in USA Content meets your needs let the manufacturer know.

Q16: What government agency are you affiliated with?

A: Please read the About US page.