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After reading the Big Secret I began to ask my family and friends about Made in USA products.  It amazed me how many of them were already thinking about the subject.  After asking the question all of us began to exchange useful information about where to buy Made in USA products.  This was a huge help and now my  entire family bring me containers with the Made in USA label on them. I record this information for us by Submitting our Secret to Made in America Secrets.  Now we won't forget and next time we already know where to buy.  Looking is now a family experience and our friends too are involved.

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Baker Hosiery was established in 1978 as a sole proprietorship and in 1990 the business was incorporated. Since that time we have strived to be a state-of-the-art facility while being a good corporate citizen by keeping the local workforce productive. At this time Baker Hosiery is one of the fastest growing manufacturers in DeKalb County, and is fully vertical with relation to the knitting, finishing, wholesale and distribution of men's, ladies, and children's socks.

Baker Hosiery Inc has 65,000 square feet of manufacturing and packaging space. In the manufacturing plant there are 150 high tech knitting machines along with the trained personnel necessary to efficiently maintain and produce the product. Our R&D employees are constantly creating new techniques and styles using the latest fiber technologies available. Our finishing and packaging facility is equipped with a modern dye house. This gives us the ability to bleach and dye our products on-site, eliminating many of the problems associated with using outside bleach/dye facilities. Our finishing plant is currently producing 50,000 dozen pairs per week but is capable of much more. Our primary warehouse consists of 60,000 square feet and is capable of mass shipments, or smaller, pick-and-pack orders, with ease.

Our company philosophy is to produce the greatest product on the market, in the USA, and provide this product to our valued customers at a cost that is good for all parties involved.

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