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The Tip is 'Email for list'

I had always purchased a foreign made tennis shoe. However, after reading the Big Secret I changed. One day I needed a new pair and wondered if there were any tennis shoes Made In USA. I found a major brand that made theirs in the US. They do not make all of their shoes here but several options were available that have the Made In USA label. I looked around for awhile on the internet and could not find any reference that would help me find where to buy them. I then visited there website and emailed for a list of their Made In USA tennis shoes. A short time later I had a list. With the list in hand visited my local retailer. They carried the model I was interested in and now I have some Made In USA tennis shoes. They fit better than my foreign brand and I feel better wearing them.

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Comfortable Flame Resistant Fabrics and Flame Resistant Workwear

DRIFIRE? is a leading brand of flame resistant fabrics and flame resistant workwear. Dedicated to ongoing innovation in flame retardant fabrics and garments, our Comfortable FR Wear provides the optimal combination of moisture management, flame resistance and comfort in all of our flame resistant workwear, including DRIFIRE's selection of outer and undergarments.

DRIFIRE's product line ranges from ultra-lightweight, next-to-skin shirts and bottoms that feel as soft as your favorite tee, to durable, combat-ready ensembles and flight suits that offer comfort and protection that won't wash or wear out over time. DRIFIRE garments can also be layered to achieve greater levels of FR protection without compromising comfort.

All our Comfortable FR Wear fabrics and garments offer the following benefits:

Permanent FR and comfort properties that won't wash or wear out over time
No-melt, no-drip fabrics
Inherent moisture management properties?excellent wicking and fast drying that does not come from a topical treatment
Antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors
Design features that maximize comfort and function, including no-rub, flat-lock shoulder seams
How DRIFIRE Is Different.

Engineered for inherent flame resistance, DRIFIRE flame resistant workwear provides a potentially life-saving layer of protection. Garments and undergarments made with DRIFIRE flame retardant fabrics help to promote FR compliance by ensuring workers stay comfortable in a wide range of work environments. Our flame resistant fabrics dry faster than cotton, will not melt or drip, and will not deteriorate in performance with time and use. While not designed for direct, ongoing exposure to open flames or fire, our flame resistant fabrics and flame resistant workwear are engineered to withstand short exposure to flame and arc flashes without igniting or melting and dripping on wearers' skin. Once the source of flame is removed, our Comfortable FR Wear will immediately self-extinguish, limiting the amount of direct exposure to flame for wearers. Additionally, by keeping wearers drier and more comfortable, DRIFIRE helps to reduce the potential for steam burns and increases wearers' ability to focus on the task at hand.

Visit the Technology section of our website to learn more about DRIFIRE fabrics and garments.

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