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Win up to $10,000 by using Made in America Secrets, it is the only website providing product specific links for American Made G Strings, and 10,000+ other Made in the USA products. Finding any of the Made in America products in our database is made easy by using our search and navigation buttons. Clicking any of our links that result from searching for products connects the consumer to an online store that sells them.

Made in America Secrets is a unique search engine like tool that when used, returns only Made in America product providers and their web stores.  We also are the only website giving away up to $10,000 for buying Ameircan made products.  Our giveaway includes more too. Visitors can also WIN $100 and $1,000 just for buying Made in America products through our website. Check out our WIN $10,000 page it provides the complete details.  No gimicks either we pay real money!

Since it's free - try our site next time you are looking for anything made in the US like American Furniture, American Apparel & Clothing, or even Watches that are Made in Detorit, Michigan. Check out our Gift Ideas tab when searching for Made in USA gifts it's quick and easy saving you valuable time.  Also if you love Pinterest like we do, check out our Pinnables tab or go direct to our Pinterest Boards. These images are great as reminders for the next time you want to buy American Made products. Our research told us approximately 150,000,000 US consumers are either very interested or extremely interested in buying Made in America products.  For them, one of the greatest deterrents to buying Made in America products is not being able to quickly find them.  We solve that problem with Made In America Secrets it makes it easy for the US consumer to find and buy any one of thousands of Made in America products. The following are a few examples of these:

American Made products in the American Apparel & Clothing category: Made in the USA G Strings, Jackets, Mens Coats, Knit Hats, Bistro Aprons, Running Socks, Boxers / Boxer Underwear, Yoga Pants, Turtleneck Shirts, Shawls, Shooting Shirts, Texas Varsity Jackets, Sweatshirts, Tall Dickies, Tie Dye T Shirts / Tee Shirts / Tees, Womens One Piece Swim Suit, Skulls Drawstring Skirts, Flight Suits, Varsity Jackets, Mod Dress, Bras. All from great Made in the USA manufacturers. We link the consumer to thousands of Made in America products in over fifty categories.

Become a more informed Made in the USA shopper by reading our buying tips
The Tip is 'City Magazines'

I was in the magazine section recently and saw the Indianapolis Monthly. The cover title read "Made In Indiana." I read the article and was amazed that all sorts of things were being made in the state. This is contrary to what most American's believe. Most of us think everything is made overseas. We still make the majority of what we consume and our buying tips we call Little Secrets help you realize that.  Being from Indiana, I decided to visit several of the referenced web sites and I am proud to say I have purchased some of the best products ever. All thanks to the "City Monthly Magazine".

Other city magazines like the Portland Oregon monthly are full of wonderful facts about Made in America businesses.  According to the Portland monthly, Oregonians have long had a love affair with beer and Portland is the unofficial brewery capital of America.  As I recall, from reading the city magazine, Portland has 35 breweries with Oregon having over 100.  During the summer Portland has three beer festivals that draw over 100,000 people.  

Oregonians love affair with beer is responsible for a great Made in America product.  This is evidenced by a popular Saturday morning CBS TV program choosing five made in Oregon beers as the best in America.  Even though Budweiser Made in America is the most recognized it was not even on the list.  According to CBS the top five beers in America are Widmer Hefeweizen , Full Sail Session Lager, Deschutes Green Lakes Ale, Bridgeport IPA, and Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

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