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The Tip is 'Labeling Tip 1'

Know Your Labeling - For products Made in America, the greater the US content the more American jobs required to produce it. So whenever possible choose the product with the highest percentage of U.S.content. US content must be disclosedon Made in USA textiles, automobiles, wool, and fur products. There is no law requiringmost other products to be marked or labeled made in USA, or, have any otherdisclosure about their amount of U.S. content.

Those manufacturers and marketers who choose to make claims about the amount of U.S. content must comply with the FTC's Made in USA policy. Note: Imported products must have the country of origin on their label whileproducts partially Made in USA do not. For a product produced in the U.S. to be labeled made in USA, or claimed to beof domestic origin without qualifications or limits on the claim, the product must be all or virtually all made in the U.S. 

This would mean that all significant parts and processing that go into the product are of U.S. origin.  The product should contain no (or negligible) foreign content. Made in the USA products create the greatest number of American jobs for our country. This is because the labor to produce the product, and the raw materials that go into the product, are created with American labor. For most products, there is no law requiring made in America labels, or any other disclosure about the amount of U.S. content.  However, for job creation purposes if you have a choice between an imported product and one with no country of origin on the label, choose the product without a country of origin over the imported one.  The product without the country origin on its label has some American labor in its content and the imported one most likely does not.

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Thank you for your interest in our Hawaiian clothing.
We started as a small business selling Hawaiian merchandise from a sidewalk stand in Waikiki back in 1989. We only made a few Hawaiian shirts and muumuus back then but did very well. It was a busy time keeping up with the growing demand and later we added products from many local vendors here on the island of Oahu.

In 1997 from our Oahu Hawaii location we went global on-line with our first website that is still up and running strong, Aloha Apparel Hawaiian Shirts. We enjoy providing thousands of people in the States and around the world with Aloha in the form of Hawaiian shirts, muumuu dresses and popular Hawaiian merchandise. Back then there were only a handful of websites like ours. All the supporting comments and positive compliments we receive almost daily from customers confirmed that people were enjoying their Aloha apparel.

Today we have grown as big as we want to get in daily sales volume and have made the decision not to over do it in order to keep quality high. If we did overgrow we would lose the fun of doing this business.
To date, we have sold well over 900,000 Hawaiian shirts from on-line retail and wholesale sales from three websites. One of the many testimonials I receive can explain this best:

Of all the Hawaiian Shirt sites I reviewed online, this site had the nicest designs, best quality combined with very reasonable prices. When I had a question about the product I got to talk to the owner and not some employee who did not care. My order was received in a timely manner from Hawaii and the shirt was beautiful (I've received many compliments), exactly as advertised. I definitely recommend

Our goal is to offer you the best Hawaiian apparel and merchandise from a huge selection with reasonable prices on-line from Hawaii. All of our Hawaiian shirts dresses, muumuu's, neckties, bucket hats, Hawaiian car seat covers, handbags, backpacks, aprons, and kids clothes are made here in Hawaii USA from our family of local apparel makers. Other products which includes quilts, silver jewelry, board shorts, sarongs, beach sandals, silk flower leis, kukui nut necklace and cap hats are designed by our local vendors in Hawaii and sent overseas to be made. This keeps cost down for our customers.

We have found the right mix for success is to provide you with a huge selection of new professionally made Hawaiian clothing and products at the best prices and get them to you from Hawaii as quickly as possible. If it works well why change it?


Ernie & Lee

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