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Our goal is to help you find the Made in the USA products that you're looking for. We have two ways to directly and efficiently connect you with Made in America products:

Links to Retailers You will be directed to stores and products made in the USA. If you can't find the specific made In USA item you're searching for on the results page, try refining your search using the retailers search function. We strive to ensure these links connect you to retailers offering a variety of proudly made USA products however, we do not guarantee the accuracy of these links or the Made In USA search function at that destination.

Links to ManufacturersWe also directly connect you to manufacturers of made in US products. Some of these do not offer an online store but do provide information for authorized retailers of their products. We aim to connect you with manufacturers that make at least one USA made product. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these companies or the advertising of these manufacturers but do try to ensure that products found through our site are those proudly made in America.

We have verified the made in America claim for companies listed on by examining their website, history, and when possible their products. We have thousands of Made in America products ranging from all types of American Clothing including fabric made in the USA to American made bicycles.

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From Souks to Recycled Soda Bottles ? Passion in the Making

When Sweetgrass founder Paige Morse took her first trip abroad in the early 1990s, she never expected it to lead to a career in fashion design. But in the souks ? or markets ? of Morocco, Egypt and Turkey, she fell in love with textiles and color, patterns and hue. A creative fire was sparked.

When she returned to the United States, she started sewing. Her first creations were fleece hats and scarves made from recycled soda bottles. Family and friends were the lucky recipients of her initial designs, once dubbed something Peter Pan would have worn if only Neverland had been a little colder.

New discoveries followed when she moved to Boulder, Colorado. At a local handcrafters' co-op, she met hemp activists who educated her on the many benefits of industrial hemp. She also learned firsthand the importance of local economies and how they form the basis of thriving communities. Here she was able to refine garment fit and design, and also formulate a vision for how to sustain herself, her community and the planet while doing something she loved.

On a trip to Thailand in 1995, Paige discovered the source of hemp fabric she had first seen in Boulder. She met Laotian women who had traveled for days to sell their rolls of hand-woven, hand-batiked fabric, and she came home with three oversized duffle bags stuffed with cloth. But more importantly, she returned with the conviction to create a clothing company that integrated her love of fashion with her beliefs about sustainable living.

Today, located in southern Oregon between the Cascade and Siskiyou mountains, Sweetgrass has grown into a premier eco-fashion company.

Please explore our site and learn more about our Design Philosophy, Environmental Ethic and Business Ethic. Browse our latest line of clothing.

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