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We help create American jobs by making it easy to find American Made products
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Win up to $10,000 by using Made in America Secrets, it is the only website providing product specific links for Made in the USA Thermal Socks, and 10,000+ other American Made products. Finding any of the Made in America products in our database is made easy by using our search and navigation buttons. Clicking any of our links that result from searching for products connects the consumer to an online store that sells them.

Made in America Secrets is a unique search engine like tool that when used, returns only Made in America product providers and their web stores.  We also are the only website giving away up to $10,000 for buying Ameircan made products.  Our giveaway includes more too. Visitors can also WIN $100 and $1,000 just for buying Made in America products through our website. Check out our WIN $10,000 page it provides the complete details.  No gimicks either we pay real money!

Since it's free - try our site next time you are looking for anything made in the US like American Furniture, American Apparel & Clothing, or even Watches that are Made in Detorit, Michigan. Check out our Gift Ideas tab when searching for Made in USA gifts it's quick and easy saving you valuable time.  Also if you love Pinterest like we do, check out our Pinnables tab or go direct to our Pinterest Boards. These images are great as reminders for the next time you want to buy American Made products. Our research told us approximately 150,000,000 US consumers are either very interested or extremely interested in buying Made in America products.  For them, one of the greatest deterrents to buying Made in America products is not being able to quickly find them.  We solve that problem with Made In America Secrets it makes it easy for the US consumer to find and buy any one of thousands of Made in America products. The following are a few examples of these:

Made in the USA products in the American Apparel & Clothing category: American Made Thermal Socks, Short Sleeves, Layering Shirts, Smart Shirts, Overalls, Womens Coats, Womens Work Wear, Kids Hats, Designer Jackets, Chef Coats, Eco Friendly Skirts, Sleeveless Work Vests, Yoga Wraps, Capes, Thermal Camoflauge, Bun Warmers, Layering Tops, Organic Cotton Jeans, V Capri, Brazilian Panty, Casual Pants. All from great American Made manufacturers. We link the consumer to thousands of Made in America products in over fifty categories.

Become a more informed American Made shopper by reading our buying tips
The Tip is 'Shop where it's easy'

I recently searched for a product online and for decided to include Made in USA in my search string.  I was surprised to see all kinds of Made in USA products. These ranged from hand tools Made in USA to mountain bikes Made in USA.

Why had I not thought of this before? Now, whenever I'm shopping online, the first thing I do is add 'USA Made' or 'Made in USA' to my search string.

This website now makes searching for American made products even easier.  It has thousands of US made products all being sold by the small American manufacturer.  These Made in America companies employ over 40 MILLION Americans.  If we buy more from them they will employ more of us.  More Americans employed is a good thing.  Watch our video which tells the complete story about how we all benefit when American products are purchased.

This site has products like American made apparel.  As an example, in the clothing category you are directly connected to all kinds of American apparel and accessories including: handbags made in USA, fabric made in USA, made in USA hats, made in USA clothing brands, Made in USA wallets and Made in USA watches.

One of my favorite Made in America Secrets categories is grocery and gourmet foods.  These Made in USA products range from jams and jellies to chips and salsa.  One of my favorites is specialty marshmallows.  I purchased some of these last Christmas and used them as stocking stuffers.  My grandchildren loved them.  There are thousands of wonderful Made in America products offered on Made in America Secrets. Use our PREV|NEXT button to cycle through a few or use our search to find exactly what you are looking for.  Using our site is fun and educates you about the many great American made companies.

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MAXIT? has always been committed to making the most comfortable and most durable performance apparel available and we design and produce all of our products with pride, here in the United States of America! In an industry that is infamous for manufacturing offshore, MAXIT has a storied history of American innovation as well as American manufacturing. Founded in 1985, MAXIT introduced the first ever versatile headwear design: the HEADGATOR? 6-in-1. In 1987, MAXIT became the first company to introduce high tech, moisture wicking, base layers to the NFL. Proven on the field, MAXIT was an official PROLINE supplier to the NFL for over 15 years. MAXIT garments have also been proven effective in environments as demanding as Antarctica, Mt. Everest and the deserts of the Middle East. MAXIT thermal headwear, socks, shirts, pants and bodysuits are unbeatable when it comes to keeping you comfortable, warm and dry. MAXIT apparel is true performance apparel trusted by professional athletes, recreational sports enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, survival training experts, law enforcement officials and U.S. military troops. As a result, industry insiders recognize MAXIT as the true originator of the performance apparel industry! When it comes to outfitting yourself against the elements try the best thermal performance apparel made, and be comforted that it is a real American product.

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