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Dave Hindlemann & Assoc., Inc. dba Custom Uniform Company, has been in business for over 76 years. We have morphed from a small tailoring shop in the mid 1930s to an eclectic uniform manufacturing company that reflects many styles and interests of the early 21st century.
Rave Reviews from our Customers
Your level of workmanship, the quality, the custom adjustments you made to adapt my patterns, were wonderful. I'm thrilled.
- Tiffany J., Tiffany Nursewear
Thanks for getting the coat to me in time for our special occasion. It was a perfect fit!!
- Miriam A., Kiwanis Club
I offer you unending praise. I am very impressed with custom uniform company and you! You have been wonderfully pleasant to speak with and your service was without fault--just perfect.
- Cindy S., Munnerlyn & Company
Got the coat today. It is wonderful--workmanship wonderful! I might sleep in it.
- Lt. Col. William D, U.S. Army
The vests arrived (wow, you all are quick!), so we were able to fit and alter them by the tech. The vests look beautiful!
- Meredith C., Barnard College Theatre Department
We've been doing business together for over 20 years. where else could a dealer get custom made royal purple blazers?!
- Pat S., The Rite Source

In between, with various names under the same ownership, DHA & Assoc., Inc. has manufactured US army uniforms for World War II, suits for freed prisoners of war from concentration camps in Germany, marching and military band uniforms, and outfits for parochial schools, choral groups and cheerleaders. We supplied western wear, period costumes, amusement and theme park identity apparel, ROTC groups, National Guard, Marine Corps, Fire and Police department honor platoon regalia.

We are known for our good work for Shrine Regalia for Rotary, Elks, Masons, Kiwanis and more, all around the country. We do Knights Templar uniforms, too.

We've also received acclaim from our customers for restaurant & hotel uniforms, esthetician outfits, housekeeping & industrial uniforms, plus corporate and casual apparel.

Custom Uniform Company brings versatility, creativity, unique design/fashion/color concepts to otherwise mundane uniforms. Reflecting the evolution of society, we present changing styles, fabrics, and focus that have satisfied our customers throughout the years. We deal with special needs such as maternity uniforms and people with unique builds. There are no pre-established styles, fabrics, or colors. We are a company that is completely dedicated to its customers.

We are family-owned and we guarantee our work. We present a variety of ways for uniform access: ready-to-wear, custom-made, cut/make/trim (cut & sew), private label or customer label. We maintain a small workforce to stay flexible to customer requests. We are one of the few remaining companies in the United States that will manufacture in small quantities, this renders us unique.


Beginning July 26, 2013, Custom Uniform Company has a new address and telephone/fax number. Also, we are closing our manufacturing plant. However, we are still open, we have the ability to both create your order as you wish, or will happily refer you to a new supplier. We won't let you, our customer, down!

Debra Hindlemann Webster: Custom Uniform Company
Debra Hindlemann Webster is the 4th generation of the Hindlemann family to be involved in the garment business.
Her great grandfather, David, was a tailor. He came here from Eastern Europe in the late 1800s and spent the rest of his life in the United States. His son, Harry, was a haberdasher who sold men's suiting to department stores in the New York area. Harry's business fell apart during the 1929 Great Depression when the department stores themselves defaulted on their payments and Harry?with a wife and 3 children?was left penniless.

Harry's son, Dave Hindlemann, left New York to seek work, he began his own business in Denver, Colorado: Pioneer Wholesale Tailors, which eventually transposed to Bell Tailors, Bellmaster/Bell Manufacturing Company, and finally Custom Uniform Company.

Deb is Dave's daughter.

Deb has been in and out of the garment business for most of her life. Born in 1948, she was assisting her dad at his tailoring shop as early as the age of 5. Her love of colors, the feel of different fabrics, and the art of design was always with her. Sorting threads, swatches of cloth, exploring the various sewing and pressing machines were her weekend pastimes with her father. She decorated the clothing dummies with her own variety of fashions that she cut out of assorted remnants, here and there, fascinated by fashion and design.

Lucky enough to grow up during the years when the United States was deeply committed to education, patriotism, and respect/responsibility to oneself and others, Deb had the privilege of being able to learn and explore all avenues of life. She still applies these same principles to whatever she does.

With three university degrees, a background in theatre, writing and public speaking skills, a teaching certificate, an ability to speak sign language and some Spanish, Debra Webster brings a wealth of talent and knowledge to the uniform business. Rather than the more narrow focus so many people have, Deb is able to flex and be acquainted with every customer and situation, no matter his or her variety of taste or need.

Deb is able to say, If I don't know the answer, I am able to find out.

While Dave had his marching band business during Deb's teenage years?Bellmaster/Bell Manufacturing Company?she would often do his office work, the shipping, some tasks of finishing large orders. She learned several parts of the business from the most basic skills up.

For income to pay her way in college, she worked with women's clothing stores and haberdasheries for men, she did management, sales, inventory, pricing, display, modeling. She learned how to operate in the business world.

For much of her time with Custom Uniform Company, Deb was the behind-the-scenes organizer, coordinator, improviser. She can tell a fine garment from a poor one and does not rest until uniform quality is the highest standard.

While Dave has passed away, Deb continues to respect his expertise and build on his enormous skill as owner of the company she has been involved with for the last 32 years.

Her career has been varied. In addition to her business, she is a single mom with a grown, multiply disabled daughter for whom she cares and advocates. She continues to teach on a freelance basis. She has written and published, she has often written for Made to Measure Magazine, and for as its fashions and trends editor. She maintains an incredibly ordered and organized life, and is one of those individuals who is convinced that the more a person takes on, the more efficient and productive a person can be.

She is 4th generation garment industry, she is 2nd generation Custom Uniform Company: Both at their very best.

Dave Hindlemann: Bell Manufacturing Company
& Custom Uniform Company (as profiled in Made to Measure)

Americans born in the first decades of this century are largely responsible for one of the most incredible periods in human history. Everyone pitched in, did his/her proud part to enrich the fiber of our nation. People were not afraid of work, success was by sweat of the brow.

MADE TO MEASURE profiled a few individuals of that generation, still active in the business, whose diligence and commitment helped build the uniform industry into what it is today.

In 1916 New York City, where a kid made a living by the seat of his pants, Dave Hindlemann, entrepreneur, began at the age of 10 juggling three paper routes and an elementary school career. Whether it was his first bicycle, his Model T Ford with a crank that he bought for $50, or his upgrade to a roadster with a gear shift and rumble seat, Dave always paid his own way. He grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, where his father, Harry, was a contractor in the garment business. The Wall Street crash with its domino effect, destroyed the elder Hindlemann's career when the majority of his clients went bankrupt.

The family headed West. Dave abandoned his hopes for a future in engineering or law, apprenticing with his father in a small, Denver-based clothing company. He earned his Bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Denver. Working by day and learning at night, 20-year old Dave Hindlemann started his first company, Bell Tailors, in 1936. I've never regretted owning my own business, Dave relates. I never go to sleep at night worrying that the next morning some executive will tell me my job has been abolished.

Dave's success allowed him to bring his parents, sister and brother into his business. He saw to it while he was in Europe for three and a half years during World War II that the company continued to thrive, by converting its skills to the manufacture of military uniforms.

1945 came and the boys returned home?not to proprietary pinstripe suits?but to open-collar shirts, slacks and sport coats.

Dave adapted the military uniforms for marching bands, parochial schools and ceremonial groups. He converted from the cost-prohibitive wools to the new technology of synthetics. His tailoring shop mushroomed from five or six tailors to 50 or 60 sewers. Bell Tailors became Bell Manufacturing Company.

In 1981, he was offered a buy-out, readily gave up the high overhead and stresses of operating a large factory and went back to a smaller staff and shop, again modifying as the baby-boomers graduated from school and budgets for band uniforms got smaller. Flexibility is everything in the manufacturing business, he notes.

Today, after 21 years in partnership with his daughter, Debra Hindlemann Webster, Dave's smaller business, Custom Uniform Co., Inc. is bigger and more challenging than ever. All types of custom designed garments are manufactured under private label and the Custom Uniform label, he complements his inventory with ready-made uniforms.

I like being a big fish in a small pond. We can make small quantities. It's fun. If you don't enjoy coming to work every day, you'll never be a success at what you do.

Married for 55 years, Dave and his wife, Phyllis have three children and three grandchildren. He states without hesitation, Family has always been first. Even in the early years I always tried to make time for my family.

Dave insists that he is retired. Retirement means doing what you want to do. I love to work, travel, read and enjoy my family. I'm doing all of those things, so I guess I'm retired. At the age of 86, he still works six days a week.

So many things have changed, Dave Hindlemann reflects. It used to be a handshake was a man's word. Now, it's lawyers and contracts ? cut and dried. The personal element is missing.


*note: Dave passed away November, 2006 at the age of 90. He worked until a week before his death. His wife preceded him in death the previous March. They were married 59 years.

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