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The Tip is 'Don't be fooled.'

It's easy to be fooled when relying on the company name as an indicator of the products country of origin.  As an example when the company name includes USA their products may not be made in the USA. This is a trick often used by some companies to cause their products to be displayed when searches for Made in USA products are initiated.   These companies are often foreign companies trying to fool and confuse the consumer into believing their products are made in the USA.If this happens to you check to see if the company is listed on Made in America Secrets. If it is on Made in America Secrets, you can count on their products being Made in America.  


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Expressing yourself and feeling beautiful is the true drive behind style, and knowing that and incorporating it into his or her art is the mark of a true fashion designer. Nicole Paloma Rockhill has been using her artistic talents to create things from the time she was old enough to use a pair of scissors, but she never thought she would spend her life creating clothes until she bought her first sewing machine in 2007. Her journey began in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, as she started making things for her daughters, Laurel and Laine, and her girls' line eventually evolved into a women's collection.

Since then, Nicole has been working tirelessly to create unique, comfortable, and stylish handmade pieces that reflect her fearless and unique personality while complementing the coastal environment in which they are created. Soft whites, sandy colors, and heather greys that emanate the beauty of nature have become the staple palette of her collections, creating a dreamscape in floaty, soft fabrics such as cotton, silk, and . Nicole's first retail store, located in the creative community of Grayton Beach, brings together coastal charm and ethereal beauty with driftwood hanging from the ceiling and the jewelry of Adorn by Samouce complementing the clothing in an eclectically chic mix of flirty and rock ?n' roll.

Preferring to keep her creations special by making them by hand and adhering to a made-in-the-USA standard, Nicole's creations range from casual resort wear to one-of-a-kind couture pieces. The first Nicole Paloma couture collection debuted in 2013 at South Walton Fashion Week, and quickly became a crowd favorite of the entire weekend. Rather than following what's trendy, her designs stem from her own personal style and from listening to the customers in her Grayton Beach store.

By surrounding herself with positive and creative influences, Nicole strives to hone her skills as a designer while writing a story with each piece she creates. Her clothing should speak to others in the sense that they imagine where they might wear the silk charmeuse Lion Skirt or breezy Turks pants. The community has embraced her dreamlike designs wholeheartedly, and Nicole Paloma is planning to branch into new markets and open new retail locations in the future. Armed with her dreams, creativity, and a mind for business, Nicole continues to make sustainable, flattering styles that women feel beautiful in, and will go on pushing the boundaries of handmade designs for everyone.

To shop styles or for contact information, visit

Follow Nicole Paloma on and Instagram (@nicolepalomacom).

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