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Wazoodle Fabrics is a family-owned and -operated business based in New Jersey, USA. Wazoodle is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality textiles, notions and other items. Our main focus is eco friendly fabrics, particularly those used in articles that reduce the use of disposable items. We are the #1 source for cloth diaper making supplies.

What sets us apart from other fabric shops?
We are not just a retailer. Wazoodle develops and manufactures a broad range of products to meet specific market demands. The most popular products of Wazoodle are the trademarked Zorb, ZorbII Diamond and Dimples, DiaperMaker PUL, Procare barrier fabric, Procool athletic jersey and pique knits, Microfiber terry Plus, Organic fabrics ? bamboo/organic cotton knits, and the pre-cut diaper making kits and soaker blanks in various fabrics.

While other manufacturers are moving overseas, Wazoodle takes pride in supporting the textile manufacturing industry in North America. To that end all the fabrics mentioned above and our elastics, including the new fold over elastics, are manufactured in USA or Canada. Any fabrics and notions sourced from overseas are only taken from trusted suppliers. We have a combined experience of over seventy years in manufacturing of textiles and quality control and quality assurance in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We also have in-depth knowledge of textile chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, FDA regulations and the standards that govern textiles.

Our proprietary designs and brands include:

ProSoft ? - the best PUL in the market, made in USA using TPU with NO toxic solvents - soft, breathable, waterproof, durable, CPSIA compliant and food safe!
DiaperMaker? - the market leader for diaper sewing supplies used by diaper makers
ZORB? - the market leader in specialty absorbent textiles
ProCare? - the market leader in medical grade phthalate free PVC barriers
ProCool? - the market leader in lining & wicking materials.
Little Green Bear? (LGB) - patterns, products and services for diaper manufacturers and diaper services

We're a growing family business and are constantly specializing to best suit the needs of our customers. We operate our main web store,, which offes a wide range of textiles and notions.

Welcome to Wazoodle and Happy Sewing!

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