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The Tip is 'Ask Before You Buy'

I went to a department store for a pair of dress shoes recently. The clerk helped me with three different pairs that I tried on.

'The Big Secret' was on the forefront of my mind so I asked, "Are these shoes imports?" The salesman responded that they were in fact imported.  "Do you have any Made In America shoes like these?"  I asked.  To my surprise he said, "We have a whole line of Made In USA shoes." I was able to purchase the same color and style with the Made In USA label. These Made in America shoes were less expensive, came with a better warranty and were more comfortable.

It's amazing how often this simple Made in US question yields unexpected and often times pleasant results.  I now ask this question regularly, whereas before I would not have thought to ask for a Made in America alternative. More often than not, I can find a Made in America product of higher quality and at the same, or slightly higher price.

Asking the question is so simple and can make a positive impact, in both the short and long term.  Try it sometime. If you are like me, you may be surprised with how many Made in US products are out there. You will love it when you realize you are making a difference that benefits many.  With your help America will be ours again and that is a good thing.

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CelJel is the perfect smart device stand or holder. It's soft, heavy and grippy. You can set your iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, Android phone, iPod, Zune or just about any smart device on it. It is simply the best iPhone stand, Android stand, BlackBerry stand or device holder on the market today! CelJel will gently hold your device at any angle you choose depending on room lighting or glare, etc. CelJel allows you to pick up and put down your phone any time, quickly and easily. You don't need to clamp it in, just set it down, pick it up, set it down, etc. It's perfect for web browsing, listening to music, watching YouTube, Slingbox, FLO TV or movies on your device. CelJel is also great for simply propping up your phone anytime you want to be able to see who's calling. Set your phone on it at night to use as a nightstand phone base or your Mp3 player for a bedside music player/alarm clock. Put a CelJel in any room of your house and make your cell phone your house phone. CelJel is Made in the USA which not only helps us control the quality but also does a small part to help employ Americans! (click one of the stamps below to see your device in action)

Where did CelJel come from?
We came up with the idea for CelJel about 2 years ago. At the time we were loving the amazing smart devices that came out on the market after the premier of the incredible iPhone in 2007 (and prior to that, the iPod). The idea was to design a holder that had stability but didn't require you to clamp the device in. We needed to be able to simply pick up the phone, music player, etc. and put it back down quickly and easily. As it turned out, the perfect holder would be one that was rubbery, soft, grippy and somewhat heavy to stay put on your desktop or counter.

The more apps and functionality that appeared on these smart devices, the more we wanted the option to set them down to enjoy the content. We spent a year working on shapes, angles and materials. Finally, after many clay test models and with the development of the Tech-Jel420 rubber formula, utilizing the purest grade of high-gravity silicone rubber, it had the weight and grip we needed. CelJel was born!

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