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The Tip is 'Where They're Proud'

I recently saw an ad in our local newspaper for a big box home improvement store. Their newspaper ad had USA made products and American flags all over it. Several weeks later, I checked the ad again and sure enough they were still advertising their American made products. It was obvious they are proud to carry products Made in America.

Their competitors made no mention of things Made in America. I have been to this store and asked what products are made in the USA?  A clerk told me they primarily carry imports. Obviously they are not proud.

I now realize you can buy many Made in the USA building supplies, including tools Made in USA and appliances Made in USA., in stores that are proud to carry brands Made in the USA.

Here is another example of a store proudly carrying products Made in the USA. I was shopping for men's shoes in a local department store when I tried on three different pairs of shoes.  I couldn't decide which pair I wanted so I went out on a limb and asked the clerk, "Are these shoes imports?"  The salesman said "yes they are" so I asked, "Do you have any Made in America shoes like these?". To my surprise he said, with GREAT PRIDE, "yes sir, we have a whole line of Made In USA shoes".

He brought me the same color and style with the Made in USA label. These Made in America shoes were less expensive, came with a better warranty, and were more comfortable.

Looking for companies that are PROUD is simple and can have a great impact on our country.  I encourage you to try this some time- just ask.  You will love it when you realize you are making a difference that all of us will benefit from.  With your help America will be ours again and that is a good thing.

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Wolfgang Candy Company, a fourth generation family business, was founded by Delphy Eli and Mima Mae Wolfgang, and their eldest son Paul, in 1921 as D.E. Wolfgang Candy Company. The business started in the cellar of the family home on Latimer Street in North York, Pennsylvania. As the business grew, Paul's four siblings joined the business. His brother Robert and his sister Louise began to produce Wolfgang's variety of hand dipped chocolates. The other siblings, Glenn and Ruby, when they were about 10 years old, started to sell Wolfgang's chocolates at local football games and community functions. The company's first significant customers were the North York High School and a Sunday School Class of the Fifth United Brethren Church in North York. These two organizations re-sold Wolfgang chocolates to raise funds for their school and church. Wolfgang Candy Company recognized the opportunity to utilize chocolates in school and church fundraising and quickly developed and grew this business.

Along with the growth in fundraising, the company expanded and began selling it's chocolates at local farmers' markets in York, Hanover, Harrisburg, Columbia and Lancaster, PA. And soon after, the company expanded distribution into traditional grocery stores in the central Pennsylvania area. The company's candy making facilities expanded from the cellar of Latimer Street and eventually took over much of the house. Over the years, continued growth required a number of expansions to the original house. The company later purchased additional buildings for production within the North York neighborhood. Wolfgang's continued success led to its incorporation in 1968 and was owned by the original five children of Delphy Eli and Mimi Mae Wolfgang. Over the years, the company's list of shareholders grew to include four grandchildren and eventually a number of great grandchildren.

In 2012 the company was purchased by the Stillman Family Businesses, in partnership with the company's executive management team, including Andy Jacobs, Bruce Limpert, and fourth generation family members and great-grandsons of Delphy and Mimi Mae, Benjamin and Brad McGlaughlin. Dennis McGlaughlin, Benjamin and Brad's father, retired from the company after working in the confectionery kitchen at Wolfgang for 34 years, has joined the ownership team and serves on the Board of Directors.

What began in the cellar of the family home on Latimer Street in North York, has grown, step-by-step, building addition after building addition. Today, the company's candy shop is located in Wolfgang's Das Sweeten Haus Center in York, PA. The company maintains the oldest candy fundraising business in the U.S., is growing and developing a line of Wolfgang branded chocolates in traditional Food, Drug, and Mass retailers, and also, produces private label confections and cookies for many national retailers and provides contract manufacturing for many large snack and other confections companies throughout the Northeast.

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