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We help create American jobs by making it easy to find Made in America products
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Win up to $10,000 by using Made in America Secrets, it is the only website providing product specific links for American Made Pretzels, and 10,000+ other Made in America products. Finding any of the Made in the USA products in our database is made easy by using our search and navigation buttons. Clicking any of our links that result from searching for products connects the consumer to an online store that sells them.

Made in America Secrets is a unique search engine like tool that when used, returns only Made in America product providers and their web stores.  We also are the only website giving away up to $10,000 for buying Ameircan made products.  Our giveaway includes more too. Visitors can also WIN $100 and $1,000 just for buying Made in America products through our website. Check out our WIN $10,000 page it provides the complete details.  No gimicks either we pay real money!

Since it's free - try our site next time you are looking for anything made in the US like American Furniture, American Apparel & Clothing, or even Watches that are Made in Detorit, Michigan. Check out our Gift Ideas tab when searching for Made in USA gifts it's quick and easy saving you valuable time.  Also if you love Pinterest like we do, check out our Pinnables tab or go direct to our Pinterest Boards. These images are great as reminders for the next time you want to buy American Made products. Our research told us approximately 150,000,000 US consumers are either very interested or extremely interested in buying Made in America products.  For them, one of the greatest deterrents to buying Made in America products is not being able to quickly find them.  We solve that problem with Made In America Secrets it makes it easy for the US consumer to find and buy any one of thousands of Made in America products. The following are a few examples of these:

American Made products in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category: Made in America Pretzels, Caramelized Biscuits, Hawaiian Coffee, Elk Jerky, Pasta Sauces, Organic Pickles, Cake Mixes, Carmel Pecans, Salsas, Huckleberry Preserves, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beef Jerky, Jamieson's Chocolates, Sheeps Cheeses, Sausage Sticks, Bitters, Apple Peach Fruit Drinks, Organic Hazelnuts, Pickles, Pecans, Taffy. All from great Made in America manufacturers. We link the consumer to thousands of Made in the USA products in over fifty categories.

Become a more informed Made in America shopper by reading our buying tips
The Tip is 'Keep eyes open'

After reading an article about items made in America I thought about how many times I make purchases without thinking.  I'm usually focused on budget and needs. Prior to reading this article on made in the USA products, I rarely thought about the importance of buying made in USA products.  This helps create jobs in our country. Now I keep my eyes open and I am surprised how easy it is to find American products.  It only takes a few seconds to look. 

Now I make a point when I am shopping to search for made in America brands.  By doing so, I'm able to identify more and more what products are made in America.  Even with my eyes open to made in USA I can get discouraged.  Sometimes store clerks don't know the country of origin which can be frustrating.  If this happens use your eyes to find the origin information yourself.  Look at the labels and when you find a Made in USA product tell the clerk so the next time they are asked they will know.

Also, when the label is not easily seen I use the other made in America buying tips to help me find made in USA. If the store doesn't carry what you are looking for, use Made in America Secrets to find it and tell the manager about your experience at their store. 

When enough people are asking for made in the USA products, more stores will begin to carry products that are made here.  This technique does work.  I also pick and choose the stores I visit.  I do this because I have found that some stores are made in America friendly while others are not.  Keep your eyes open for the made in USA label and pretty soon you will be able to identify which products are made in the USA. 

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Do business with Pretzels, Inc.
and you do business with people of integrity.

How do we do it? As a national pretzel manufacturer, we understand the constantly changing nature of today's snack food market. We make continuous improvements and deliver superior quality hard pretzels and extruded corn products, on time, every time. That's a promise.

We also do it by paying attention to production and service details. By working hard. By being honest. And by charging a fair price.

These things may seem basic. But in a world where not every snack food manufacturer operates with these ethics, they continue to be foundational to our success. We dream in pretzel dough.

Using only the purest ingredients like real honey, enriched flour and real cheese, we bake with the latest, most efficient equipment and manufacturing processes, making all things pretzel. Every snack food we bake undergoes continuous lab analysis, from raw materials to final shipped product. To assure that we deliver consistent quality to you, we test for color, moisture, salt, pH, size, breakage and packaging integrity.

Unrelenting pretzel quality.

We make the highest quality pretzels in the food industry in over 50 shapes, 20 sizes and 900 varieties, including those shown here. Ask us about traditional, butter flavor, honey wheat, honey mustard - or about a special shape or flavor for your customers. Our pretzels are often included in party or savory mixes so we're accustomed to unique requests.

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