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The Tip is 'Before You Buy'

Made in America Secrets tries to send you to internet stores that sell the Made In USA products you searched for.  We try to link you directly to only Made In USA products, however sometimes this does not happen.  When you click our banner / link ads the store we link you to may show you products that are imported alongside those that are Made In USA.  We all know most retailers sell products that are made and come from all over the world including the USA.  Therefore, our tip is look at the details before you buy the product.  This is true for both brick and mortar stores and internet retailers.  Any Made in America store that represents selling only Made in USA products can be believed but check them anyway.  They will appreciate your help.  Here is a great example of a very reputable Made in America Store.

Our site is similar to a few others that I call "Indexers".  These sites offer lists like an index.  These indexes relate companies to the products they sell.  There are a few, like this site, that provide an index of Made in America companies and their products.  You can use the indexes (like I have done at times) to find a particular product and the companies that make it.  Our site has many features like our buy tips that are unique and valuable.  We add buying tips regularly so don't forget to check them out, as they will help you find and buy great Made In America products.

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We continually try to improve our links and we solicit your help and ideas to make our site even better.  You can contact us by email, mail, or phone and we will try our very best to respond promptly.       

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Tough Traveler Ltd. is located in upstate NY, where we have been manufacturing our quality luggage, backpacks, baby / child carriers, and many other products, for over 40 years. Since our beginning in 1970, we have remained a privately-owned company with a commitment to making products in America, that really make people happy - whether because of the convenience features that exactly fits their needs, the comfortable design which allows them to enjoy outdoors and travel activities, or just because of the incredible durability that allows them to keep a favorite bag for years on end.
Superb Quality, American-Made:
All of Tough Traveler's products are made in our own USA-factory, primarily using American-made materials. Every bag is made by our staff of skilled craftspeople in a sweat-shop-free environment. We employ the highest standards for design and durability. Tough Traveler's bags are known for attractive design and superb workmanship, and many of our customers tell us they appreciate our manufacture in the USA.
A Great Reputation:
Tough Traveler's products are widely known in many different fields. Our Baby / Child Carriers have been reviewed and recommended by top publications, such as Child Magazine, Outside, Backpacker, Baby Bargains, and more. They have been sold by such large retailers as REI, EMS, and L.L. Bean. They have been used in such expeditions as Tom Whittaker's First Disabled Ascent of Mt. Everest, taking his daughter up to base camp. Our Day and Travel Bags have received accolades from users around the world, and been featured in Kiplinger's, Family Travel Forum, Good Housekeeping, and many other places. Our EMS bags are trusted by first responders, and were used at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics. Tough Traveler's products are known for superior quality. Over the years, USA sporting goods dealers, luggage retailers, baby stores, etc. have primarily become sellers of imported products, while Tough Traveler products have proudly continued to set the high standard of excellence made in the USA, with respect for USA wage laws & USA environmental laws.
Customer Service to Match:
By purchasing from Tough Traveler Ltd., you are purchasing a product that has been made in the USA with superior attention to design, features, & materials form the comfort, convenience, & long-use of our customers. We want your experience shopping with us to be as great as the product you purchase. Our staff is knowledgeable about our products, and able to answer almost any question. We generally ship your order within 1-2 business days, and provide e-mailed tracking numbers.
If for any reason you find that your order is not just what you want, just return it (in new condition) within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. We hope you will contact us with any questions or comments you may have!

Who We Sell To:
We sell to consumers, associations, agencies, and businesses worldwide. Families, employees, corporations, babies, adults, children, seniors, even pets, can find just the right bag! Contact us for quantity pricing and for custom manufacturing needs.

Contact Us
Telephone: 1-800-GO-TOUGH
Fax: (518) 377-5434

Tough Traveler Ltd.
1012 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12307

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