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I recently ran out of my favorite pancake syrup. I loved the brand we had been using but when I went to the grocery store, I couldn't find it. The syrup was made in Indiana and I was living in Florida at the time. I tried unsuccessfully to find it on an internet. The manufacturer is small and their products are not readily available so I thought I would try their website. They did, in fact, have their own internet store so I ordered it directly from them. Now, I always buy their made in USA maple syrup from their website and never run out.

Made in America Secrets has thousands of made in USA products offered by hundreds of small manufacturers.  These small Made in America companies are a large contributor to our economy.  In fact, according to the 2008 US Census Bureau small businesses, those employing 1 to 99 employees comprise 98% of all the USA businesses.  This is equivalent to 5.8 million businesses that employee over 40 million people.   

Most American's are unaware of how significant small business is when compared to the total size of the US economy.  This website is aware of it and that is why 99% of the businesses that advertise on Made in America Secrets are small businesses.  Use this web site to for a list of products made in the US- especially since it is likely that a small US manufacturer employs someone you know- your husband, wife, children, or grandchildren.

When using Google to search for Made in America products often times these small made in the United States businesses never show up on page one- and most folks don't look past page one.  What does this mean? The consumer has a difficult time locating that US made product.  Made in America Secrets was conceived to provide a solution to that problem.  As an example search for motorcycles Made in America using Google and you will likely miss many of the companies that make this country great.  Use Made in America Secrets for the search and you will likely find a hidden jewel. 

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Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese's, the original founder of Twisted Limb Paperworks, inspiration for protecting the environment was derived from the long camping vacations she took as a child with her family every year to see America's national parks. She discovered her passion for the natural world falling in love with the exquisite beauty she experienced in the national parks of the Rocky Mountain west. Since she was a child, dramatic natural settings, perfect autumn days or star filled skies have often moved her to tears. She's even run towards the large setting orange moon on multiple occasions.
She was fortunate enough to return to those national parks, including three seasons at Grand Teton National Park in her first career as a naturalist park ranger. While living in the heart of the mountains she followed a friend's advice to try papermaking to complement her calligraphy, avid letter writing, and environmental advocacy.
Sheryl began Twisted Limb Paperworks in 1998 after moving to Bloomington, Indiana, ending a 21 year sabbatical from the paper business. She had been aware of my entrepreneurial tendencies since age 9, when she began selling handmade stationery surprise packages to her sisters for 5 cents each. Though her prices have had to change and her customer base expanded over the years.
She was truly inspired by any small experience of someone paying attention to the details, going the extra mile for someone else--any indication that someone is not just going through the motions of life: witnessing a funny conversation initiated between strangers, a stunning flower display on a porch, a touching and well crafted message in a birthday card.
Sheryl wants her home and life to be simple, spacious, and filled only with the things she needs, or with items she finds particularly lovely and inspirational. She is most content with the material goods of everyday life that are all three at the same time-functional, beautiful, and meaningful.
She does not like clutter, and as a designer, she does not want to create clutter or unnecessary products for others' lives. Her vision was to create small, practical works of art to help people announce and celebrate life's events, and to custom make those only when they are needed.
It's extremely rewarding to provide someone with the small, delightful experience of finding a striking and carefully handcrafted invitation or thank you note in his/her mailbox, especially in a world where so many of our possessions are mass produced and of inferior quality. The fact that the announcement or note is a fleeting piece of beauty makes it even more special, and it pleases me that after it has served its purpose, it will be recycled into new paper, or planted in the ground to produce wildflowers, said Sheryl.
The name Twisted Limb is a bit unusual for a fine paper and invitation company, and people like to ask about its origins. Some time back around the mid 1990's, when Sheryl was working as a naturalist for the Arkansas State Park system, her husband Brian was making some very creative rustic chairs out of sticks. He was considering selling his work, and Sheryl came up with the name Twisted Limb for his furniture.
He decided not to turn his hobby into a business, and a couple of years later when she decided to pursue this recycled paper making studio, asked for the name back. Not only did she get the name, but Brian designed the awesome twisted logo that we are still using today.
Twisted Limb relates to the studio's interest in protecting trees through our strict recycling standards, or that twisted reflects our non-traditional approach to papermaking and invitations. All this is true! However, choosing the name Twisted Limb mostly had to do with just really liking it. We hope that you like our name too, as well as the fine handcrafted and eco-friendly products that it has come to represent.

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