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The Tip is 'Look at the ads'

One Suday morning I was reading the paper and started to look at the ads.  As I was looking, I noticed one group of ads that had the American flag all over them.  This stood out to me and because of the Big Secret I began to look more closely.  These ads were for building supplies and I was amazed at how many there were.  After looking at the ads this store has become my store of choice when it comes to buying building supplies.

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PAC Stove is invented, designed, and manufactured in USA. This steel bodied wood stove is great for back yards and campsites alike. Collapsible design allows for easy cleaning, storage, or compact cargo. Its light enough for the average person to carry and very simple to set up. No tools required. Simple slide fits for all parts. PAC stoves provide intense heat and conserves wood better than other fire pits.
Enjoy the torchlight and warmth around a PAC stove in your patio, garden, or campsite. PAC grills and smokers give you many options for versatile cooking: hot plates, charcoal barbecuing, roasting, baking, and smoking. Even dutch oven and wok cooking!

What is DC Series?
The PAC stove design originated by using a common waste item, the LP cylinder (propane tank.) We still build some burners out of recycled LP cylinders, however supplies are variable. You can check from time to time on what's available under the DC series page. DC stands for down cycled. There are no differences in either design, accept that we would like to offer the consumer the choice to purchase an item that has been recycled as long as local supply lasts. If we are sold out of the DC series, that is a good thing. It means that we can no longer find any waste cylinders in the community to down cycle into a stove or hibachi. To date, we have recycled more that 50 waste cylinders from our community.
Among the DC series, are the Burners DC, and Burner Lite DC.

Tips and Tricks.
Below are some of the many uses we have found, or users have written in about. We thought we would share some of these tips and tricks you might not have thought of otherwise.

RV's, camp grounds, and wilderness areas. Many area's do not allow you to build a fire pit. These stoves offer the perfect solution. We recommend purchasing a metal bucket to bring with so that you cleanly remove the ash when you are ready to go. If you must go before your coals are out, you can simply shovel them into a bucket, and douse the bucket with water. Pack it all away and leave no trace when you leave. The stoves burn wood very efficiently, so you will have very little ash to pack out.

The PAC stove does not qualify as an open fire. You are able to use it as a heater or cooking device in many areas you cannot get away with fire pits such as, camp grounds, or fire restricted areas in national forest lands. Check with your local officials before use as rules vary between Federal, State, and County parks.

Set up near an earthen berm, wall or boulder so that radiant heat will be collected and re-radiated back. Like any fire, set up in an area out of the wind so that it doesn't take your heat away.

Bush pilots, outfitters, pack horse camping, survivalists, and preppers. This stove is a perfect option for those who want a portable stove that packs heat and multi-functionality. Store gear, goods, and utensils inside to maximize your cargo space restrictions in transit, and use local fuel when you get into the back country.

Emergency and power outages. Ice storms, wind storms, earth quakes, and other natural disasters causing trouble? Keep a PAC stove handy for these events. Provides heat and an option for cooking when your electricity is out.

Construction sites and industrial work in inclement weather? The portability and durability of the PAC stove comes in handy on the job site where work is difficult due to frigid weather. At some sites, you can use up your scrap lumber while creating a warming station for workers or cranky tools and gear that doesn't perform well in cold weather.

Home repair and yard work. Need to get yard work or automotive repairs done and its just a little too chilly outside to do it? Set up a burner near by for warmth. These stoves even allow you to do minor black smithing and repairs, as the torch and coal bed can get hot enough to heat smaller steel pieces to workable temperatures. Great for the rural and farm settings.

Stargazing and astronomy enthusiasts. Some users have reported the advantage of having a PAC stove at their campsite or outing because it provides heat, and just enough light to see around, but not enough to ruin night vision for start gazing.

Beach, docks, and bayou. Set up at the beach or marina, where you can quickly boil large amounts of crab, craw fish, or other shell fish harvested, all while using local fuel.

Rural, ranch and farm. PAC Burners come in hand if you need to perform a temporary outdoor job in the cold. Great as a warming station. Can perform some light duty blacksmithing with the stove torch and coal bed. Frost prevention in some. Use as a brush and dead fall burner for orchards and groves. Some localized frost prevention for nursery's.
Basic information and properties of different types of firewood.

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