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The Tip is 'Don't procrastinate'

For years I've been buying ink jet cartridges from a big box office supply store. These cartridges were made overseas and labeled with the well-known brand of a large American printer company.

One I remembered a local store that advertised quality cartridges. I had traveled by this local store hundreds of times but never stopped. This time I stopped at the local store. To my surprise I discovered that they carried the cartridge I needed and it was a Made in USA cartridge. Made in Chicago, to be precise, and it was half the price of the imported ones I had been buying for years. The quality is exceptional and they last longer too. Who knew?

After that experience, I make a point to stop at every store I can.  By doing so, I've been finding more and more Made in America products.  Occasionally the clerks don't know the country of origin; this can be discouraging but finding the origin information yourself isn't difficult I've come to realize.

Believe it not, there are actually a number of computers made in the US including laptops made in the USA.

When the label is not visibly displayed I use the other Made in America buying tips to help me find Made in US. If the store doesn't carry what you are looking for, use Made in America Secrets to find it and tell the manager about your experience at their store.  If enough people are asking for Made in America products stores will begin to carry them.  

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Donovan Slippers are a wonderful gift for the lady or the man in your life. If you aren't sure about size see our suggestions on the Ladies Leather Slippers page or the Men's Leather Slippers page.
See Suggestion On Determining Your Size By Clicking Here SIZE INFO

We have worked on our sizing and very rarely have a return. Our workmanship is excellent. We have recently upgraded to a high density foam insole so it will stay cushy for longer. These leather ballet flats are durable and
will not fall apart after a few wearings.

You can wear them around the house, on a plane, train, boat or bus. You can wear them to go shopping, dining out, to the movies or to work. Imagine being at your job and your feet DO NOT HURT. You will have a very attractive shoe on your feet, any color to match your outfit for the day. We also have great basic colors for the men who wear our handcrafted leather slippers.

If you have questions email us at or if you wish to talk to us call 406-487-2898. We are available to talk with you and answer your questions and most of all get to know you. If we happen to be unavailable, leave a message and we will call you back. We have a simple answering machine and NO Menu before you get to us.
Made In America For You
Donovan Slippers are the most comfortable 100% Lambskin leather ballet slipper you can put on your feet. They say luxury everytime you put them on.

You can order our leather slippers for Infants, Ladies, or Men. We will do Custom Orders, too.

Many colors are available in smooth lambskin leather, lambskin suede, some pearlized leather and Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver. See our Color Chart for the complete selection.

These comfortable ballet slippers are 100%

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