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The Tip is 'Look at the ads'

One Suday morning I was reading the paper and started to look at the ads. As I was looking, I noticed one group of ads that had the American flag all over them. This stood out to me and because of the Big Secret I began to look more closely. These ads were for building supplies and I was amazed at how many there were. After looking at the ads this store has become my store of choice when it comes to buying building supplies.

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***Soft Star Shoes are Handcrafted for Healthy, Happy Feet!
We are passionate about minimal footwear for healthy development of bones, muscles and balance. Everything we do, from design to customer service, provides our customers with high quality, functional and fun shoes. Our workshop is located in a loft alongside the Willamette River in Corvallis, Oregon. All of our products are handcrafted to order. We sell our shoes exclusively via the Internet, our workshop showroom and word of mouth. We value our work, we give back to our community and try our best to be good citizens of the Earth. We welcome you to give us a call with questions or suggestions.

Soft Star Shoes
521 SW Second Street, #201
Corvallis, OR 97333
1-866-763-2525 or email us

busSoft Star Shoes has been handcrafting quality, soft-soled shoes since 1985. Tim Oliver and his wife Jeanie started the company as young parents who wanted a soft, quality shoe for their baby girl. As their family grew and moved, so did their business?from a garage in Laguna Beach, CA to the back of an old bus in rural Texas, to before finally settling into a little workshop in Corvallis, Oregon. The Olivers raised their girls alongside them as they made shoes for mail order companies and local fairs. Over the years they have sold shoes to families, Waldorf and Montessori schools, celebrities, and even US presidents! (President Ford, to be exact.)

In 2005, Larkin and Tricia joined forces with Tim with a desire to introduce more people to this beautiful product. Tim's girls are now grown and exploring the world, but between Trish and Larkin's two families, there are now 6 new little ones who have made their homes here in our workshop, carrying on the tradition of integrating our families and work lives. We have made some changes since 2005?including the ability for our customers to order online?but there are some things we don't ever want to change, like our foot-friendly designs, our friendly customer service and our ability to satisfy each person's unique needs and styles.

In 2010 Soft Star expanded its line of leather moccasins to accommodate the needs of minimal or barefoot runners. Most of these early customers either grew up with Soft Stars or were owners of our adult size moccasins. We were surprised to learn that many of our customers were actually running long distances in their mocs. Soft Star called on our online community of fans to solicit input to design a new shoe designed specifically for runners that was lighter, ventilated and featured super-thin, flexible running soles. Customers provided feedback on prototypes, submitted ideas for names and ultimately voted on the name RunAmoc. Since the launch of the Original RunAmoc we have also introduced the Dash and the Moc3 as well as casual wear styles for adults worldwide. We are proud we have taken our fundamental design concepts to ensure healthy, strong foot development for children's feet and expanded it to an adult line for the whole family.

It is so hard to believe that we started Soft Star Shoes twenty-five some odd years ago when my daughter, Corina, was two years old. Jeanie and I did not want to leave the house to work and miss the children's childhood. We wanted soft handmade moccasins for our kids, so we thought we could make a business out of it. While we were at it, why not let customers design their own shoes? It was great having the kids grow up in the shop. What a perfect playground! Leather scraps, glue, tables to hide under and mark on. It was as much fun for us and it was for the kids. One day they are asking for juice, the next the car keys and then you are helping them pick out graduations notices. I am so grateful my work allowed me to grow up with the kids.
?Tim Oliver, founder of Soft Star Shoes

Our Core Values
Make our workshop a wonderful place to work: A creative, energizing and efficient workspace. An open, honest atmosphere where we work with mutual respect and dignity. A place where our families and community are welcome and integrated.

Share the handcrafted experience with our customers making unique, beautiful, comfortable and quality footwear while encouraging direct interaction via excellent customer service

Walk lightly on the earth: Conserve raw materials by thoughtful use. Minimize our environmental footprint by reducing waste, reusing and recycling.

Elves and the Shoemaker
Ever wonder why we call ourselves elves? Click here for the story.

We hope you find our products to be of the highest quality and our company to be a place you would like to work. And if you're in the neighborhood, please come by and visit our workshop. We love to give tours, and you can watch us make our shoes! Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

The Soft Star Elves

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