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The Tip is 'Where They're Proud'

I recently saw an ad in our local newspaper for a big box home improvement store. Their newspaper ad had USA made products and American flags all over it. Several weeks later, I checked the ad again and sure enough they were still advertising their American made products. It was obvious they are proud to carry products Made in America.

Their competitors made no mention of things Made in America. I have been to this store and asked what products are made in the USA? A clerk told me they primarily carry imports. Obviously they are not proud.

I now realize you can buy many Made in the USA building supplies, including tools Made in USA and appliances Made in USA., in stores that are proud to carry brands Made in the USA.

Here is another example of a store proudly carrying products Made in the USA. I was shopping for men's shoes in a local department store when I tried on three different pairs of shoes. I couldn't decide which pair I wanted so I went out on a limb and asked the clerk, "Are these shoes imports?" The salesman said "yes they are" so I asked, "Do you have any Made in America shoes like these?". To my surprise he said, with GREAT PRIDE, "yes sir, we have a whole line of Made In USA shoes".

He brought me the same color and style with the Made in USA label. These Made in America shoes were less expensive, came with a better warranty, and were more comfortable.

Looking for companies that are PROUD is simple and can have a great impact on our country. I encourage you to try this some time- just ask. You will love it when you realize you are making a difference that all of us will benefit from. With your help America will be ours again and that is a good thing.

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Shoes have been manufactured in our town for over 30 years. Back in the 70s, our town had over one hundred people making shoes for retailers all over the US. But times changed and most of the shoe industry outsourced to China for lower prices. Gateway decided that it was more important to keep a factory open and find a way.

We found industries that need a dedicated stock of similar shoes in many sizes. We make the best quality for each of their needs and provide stocks of shoes for them to use in their peak seasons. We strive to be the best supplier for every customer.

While today we have about twenty craftsmen and women, they have experience in years that number in the hundred. We specialize in one of only a few ways to attach the sole to shoe (upper). It is called direct attached injection molding. We consider ourselves experts in this efficient process.

We buy materials from vendors in the USA and all over the world. Quality and value drive our vendor relationships. Each shoe factory job is believed to affect at least 7 other jobs in the community. We believe in our community and our country.

WE RECYCLE!! That has been a key part of how we have persevered as the rest of our competitors moved offshore. We like to call it repurposing of other industry's production. We are always looking for new ways to further reduce our footprint. But we can say this, buying goods made at Gateway Shoes wins the shipping carbon load competition with China.

We operate a clean and safe factory and also have an office in St. Louis for administration. Our history is really about our people. They cut, sew, stamp, string, last, trim, clean, lace, bag, and box.

Buy some shoes, ask your friends if they know about Gateway Shoes , start a discussion about Made in the USA for your wedding or next big formal event. Ask for Gateway Shoes at your tuxedo store or bridal shop.

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