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The Tip is 'Look at the ads'

One Suday morning I was reading the paper and started to look at the ads.  As I was looking, I noticed one group of ads that had the American flag all over them.  This stood out to me and because of the Big Secret I began to look more closely.  These ads were for building supplies and I was amazed at how many there were.  After looking at the ads this store has become my store of choice when it comes to buying building supplies.

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Well a Fish Dinner Lure is part of the Fish Dinner System. The System is Comprised of the following 9 Benefits.

1. We have 4 lure groups in a variety of sizes, shapes, weights and colors. More will be added if we feel the system ever needs to expand.
2. Any Fish Dinner Lure can be cast, trolled or jigged in a variety of presentations.
3. Any Fish Dinner Lure can be presented at all levels of the water column, thereby able to be offered in all fish feeding zones.
4. Any Fish Dinner Lure can be used as a Search Bait to find the fish when they are located in any of the feeding zones.
5. Any Fish Dinner Lure can and does replace the need for so many of those expensive Specialty Lures.
6. Any Fish Dinner Lure is a Multi Species Lure. All Bass, Largemouth-Smallmouth-Kentucky & Whites, Walleye, Stripers, Hybrid Stripers Crappie, trout or any other predator species.
7. Fish Dinner Lures, overall, are Low Cost and Durable, unlike many plastics and other soft baits.
8. Lures from the Fish Dinner System will for certain improve your fishing success and your budget bottom line.
9. Fish Dinner Lures are 100% American Made using American Components by American Companies.
Tips to help you have a successful fishing trip with out busting the BUDGET.

The Fish Dinner System & Just What is a Fish Dinner Lure

Let me be honest, with exception of the Glitter Spinner there is really nothing unique about the lures that we make. Many are know by various other names*. The only real difference is that the colors, shown in my collection with the single exception of white, are not available in stores. So why buy from me? I am selling lures that fit into a lure system that myself, my guide customers, and my many clients, have proven over and again will catch a lot of fish and save you lots of money over time. More will be explained about this later on in the Fish Dinner System part of this article.

Now to the question What is a Fish Dinner Lure, and why is it special? It is a lure that fits into the Fish Dinner System and will work under any situation you find your self in while on the water. One can cast it, jig it or troll it. It will take fish on the surface and all depth zones the fish will congregate in. The lure is simple, having only one set of treble hooks. It is made out of Lead or a combination of Brass and Lead and the colors are also simple. If you were to ask Guides, who key in on the Hybrid Stripers, Walleyes, White Bass and the Black Bass families, what color would they choose if they could have only one color in their tackle box, the answer would most likely be WHITE. Most of us have to make that choice or a similar choice based on our wallet size. So I have narrowed my color schemes down to 5 variations of white and chrome. Each variation has a purpose. There is plain white which to this day comprises about 30% of my sales and harvests about 60% of the fish I catch. Then comes white with a dark blue back. this color combo has the purpose of slimming the lure shape a bit along with a color similar to the bait fish. Then I add a Holographic tape with either a Scale pattern or a Prism pattern. The purpose of this variation is for the flash the tape gives off on bright days. The flash catches the eye of the fish when they are feeding heavily and seems to wake up those that appear to be sleepy and slow to bite. Also it has the effect of reflecting the ambient light available when fished deep giving it a more subtle appearance in deep water. I believe this triggers those finicky fish into biting.

All lures will work on one rod if that is all you have but if you can afford 4 rods here is what I would have. (All of the following can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, or inthe sporting section of your local department stores.) None of these have to be specialty styles just standard stuff. A 6'6 Spinning Rod in Medium Heavy Action, a good Spinning Reel with a high retrieve ratio of 5.3:1 or higher and spooled with a good 12 lb line (I prefer Berkley Big Game). Rig this rod with the Glitter Spinner. 3 good casting rods all 6'6'' long have 2 in Medium Heavy action and 1 in medium action. all spooled with 12 or 15 lb of your favorite brand. Rig each rod with a Spoon of different size and shape. Buying rod and reel combos will save you money in all rod selections. Or just use what you have. Most importantly make sure your line is good and keep the reel full.

A bit about the Fish Dinner System. I'll try to make this simple. The 2 main basic issues in a fish's life are good clean water and plenty of food. Seeing as we have little power over the living conditions let's move to the food. The forage that the fish have to live on varies from lake to lake. It is our duty as an avid angler to answer the time old question What are they biting on? Most reservoirs or impoundments and some natural lakes maintain a huge Threadfin or Gizzard Shad population. In these clear waters it pays to MATCH the HATCH. Izaak Walton made this point back in 1653 in his book The Complete Angler. Today that truth is still very important. The forage comes in all sizes and a host of colors. The most important item is size, then shape or profile then color.

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