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The Tip is 'Email for list'

I had always purchased a foreign made tennis shoe. However, after reading the Big Secret I changed. One day I needed a new pair and wondered if there were any tennis shoes Made In USA. I found a major brand that made theirs in the US. They do not make all of their shoes here but several options were available that have the Made In USA label. I looked around for awhile on the internet and could not find any reference that would help me find where to buy them. I then visited there website and emailed for a list of their Made In USA tennis shoes. A short time later I had a list. With the list in hand visited my local retailer. They carried the model I was interested in and now I have some Made In USA tennis shoes. They fit better than my foreign brand and I feel better wearing them.

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XFactor Tackle is a family owned and operated business. We work as a family in the business and use it to teach our children the value of a dollar, the meaning and importance of hard work as well as the reality of Entrepreneurship in the USA. We are a Christian family and we understand and respect that not everyone we deal with is a Christian. With that said, we feel it is very important to point out that we strongly believe that this company would not be possible without the hand of God guiding us through the process. We don't plan on trying to be the BIGGEST fishing tackle manufacturer, just the BIGGEST little fishing tackle manufacturer. We make all of our soft plastic baits in house and we are very proud to say MADE IN THE USA on our products.

We are very blessed to have our business and we enjoy talking with people from all over the US, Canada and around the world. I (Jeff) am a fishing fanatic and love to fish the Rogue, Applegate and Umpqua Rivers any chance I get. While I will fish for anything that puts up a fight, Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass are on the top of the list.

Our Process

We don't have some giant factory with machines that spit out tons of product, instead we are a hands on company. Our Egg Clusters are a great example of hands on. All of our Egg Clusters are literally Hand Poured one egg cluster at a time. From there they are hand trimmed, hand sorted and finally hand packaged. While we fully understand that we could make some changes that would allow us to mass produce these baits, we feel that our hands on approach truly sets us apart from our competition.

Our Quality

Keeping things small and manageable has allowed us to fully oversee every single bait that we produce. We don't have an assembly line style facility, instead we literally touch and inspect every bait to insure that our customers are getting the quality that they deserve. We use the highest quality raw materials our industry has to offer. These raw materials are 100% Made in the USA. We rely on our quality to generate word of mouth business. This approach has allowed us to put less dollars into advertising and more into refining our products with the best materials known to man. While this approach will have investors laughing, the result has been an industry wide buzz about XFactor Tackle that has grown us from a best kept secret to a go to bait for fishing guides and weekend warriors.

Whether you are already a customer or thinking about trying our products we want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. All phone calls go directly to a live person that actually knows about the products we make. Again, thank you for your time. We look forward to talking with you.

God Bless,

Jeff Warner

XFactor Manufacturing, LLC.

Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Give us a call at 541-508-FISH (3474)

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