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You don't have to stand on a skateboard to get the most out of urethane skateboard wheels. At Skateluge we're all about having FUN with all that FREE GRAVITY. Whether you're looking for the carving and control of our Original Skateluge, the downhill challenge of the Classic Luge or the high speed thrill of the Street Luge, we've got you covered with ALL THREE. The sports of the future, Gravity Sporting represents earth friendly racing on roads that already exist. No noise, no fuel, no exhaust, no GUILT. Gravity powered speed is the BEST speed of all.

Tim Buttboarding

Skateluge has been going downhill since 1996. We love gravity and want YOU to love gravity too. Not a problem... Once you try one of our Gravity Toys you'll be hooked. No matter which Gravity Powered thrill you choose, you will get the best American Made quality, price and design.

Who is Tim Novak?

Tim Novak has been going downhill for as long as he can remember. As a child growing up on a hill with a long driveway, Tim was always building and riding things to the bottom. The obsession never went away and Tim continues to ride Street Luge, Classic Luge and Skateluge today, racing whenever he gets the chance.

Tim's website,, has been on-line since 1996, selling street luges and classic luges. He is the inventor of the Skateluge, an entry level gravity sport vehicle for carving hills.

Tim Novak's other website, Gravity Sport University, is one way Tim hopes to spread the stoke and get more people involved in these exciting sports, especially in the Northeast. More people who ride means more events and more FUN.

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