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Most lines of Grandt rods are completely customizable as well. carries multiple lines, each refined to enhance your fishing experience. If you don't see the exact rod you have been looking for we can customize a fishing rod to your specifications. With our options available, can likely create any custom fishing pole to meet specific angling needs.

Grandt Industries also provides full customizations for most lines to meet any fishing need. From freshwater to saltwater fishing, there is a rod that is perfect for your circumstances. Following is a list of a few of the customizations that can be made to our Grandt custom fishing rods:

Turbo hardened guides for saltwater fishing
Custom splash reel seats for many custom fishing rods
Closed cell foam grips
Holographic guides
Carbon fiber handles
Wood handles
Name engraving on rod blanks
Decorative design options including fish prisms, rattlesnake skin, feathers etc.
With so many options available, we know that you will be satisfied with your purchase from Contact us to get started building your very own customized fishing rod today.

Make your fishing rod a unique customized fishing rod! XLH70 Series, Reserve Power Series and Stealth Series fishing rods include a choice of a Fish Prism, an Exotic Feather Design, a Decorative Thread Weave Pattern, or a Rattlesnake Design on most models for an additional charge.

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