American Joe

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What products are listed for this advertiser?

Made in the USA Denim Shirts, Made in the USA Headwear, Made in the USA Jackets, Made in America Mens Apparel, Made in the USA Oxfords, Made in America Polo Shirts, American Made Shirts, Made in the USA Sweatshirts, and American Made Womens Clothing.

And now, you can capture the spirit and adventure of American Joe with American Joe Apparel. The line is 100 percent All American made, manufactured and processed clothing, crafted to the highest standards of comfort, durability and style for the hero in all of us-made to the exacting standards of quality and workmanship worthy of an American Hero. American Made. American proud. American Joe. American Joe-because it matters. Wear with pride.]

The following is a reply from American Joe to our question – "Are your products Made in the USA?"

How do you know the products you have listed are Made in the USA?
Before including products in our database we review the advertiser’s website and/or contact them to ascertain the origin of their products. Some advertisers sell both Made in USA products and foreign ones. Therefore we highly recommend you review FAQ 2.

We immediately investigate any complaints regarding deceptive Country of Origin claims. If we determine an advertiser's claim is not truthful we will immediately remove the product/s from our database and suspend our relationship with the Company making the claim.

To document your complaint, email us by using our Contact Us page. We can only respond to complaints that have been submitted in writing.

What does Made in USA mean?
There is no law requiring most products to be labeled Made In USA, or have any other disclosure about the amount of U.S. content. However, for job creation purposes (see our Big Secret tab), if you have a choice between an imported product and one with no country of origin on its label, choose the product without a country of origin over the imported one. This is true because the product without the country origin on its label has at least some American labor in its content and the imported one most likely does not.

Note: Imported products are required by law to country of origin on their label and products partially Made In USA do not. To answer this question completely reviewing our Labeling Tips 1, 2 & 3. These tips are accessible from scrolling to the bottom of our home page clicking Browse All Tips button.