Help create jobs by purchasing more Made in America products
We help create American jobs by making it easy to find American Made products

The Big Secret

Big SecretAfter calculating the Big Secret we were astonished that without government involvement, or spending more money, 7,000,000 new American jobs could be created and the unemployment rate would be reduced to 3.6% while eliminating the trade deficit.

So many new jobs from spending only $200 per month more on USA made products, while simultaneously spending $200 less on imported ones, is incredible. Not only is it incredible, but we soon realized it was achievable. Therefore, we decided to be a part of this solution by creating a website to help achieve the Big Secret. (see Notes 1 & 2 below)

We began to develop the website by creating buying tips. We call them Little Secrets. These tips are short reads that describe how to easily buy more American made products. In addition to the tips, we created a database of Made in the USA products and identified where they could be purchased. To make it easy to find an individual product in our database, we created navigation buttons, a search function, and links to stores that sell them.

To make it even easier to buy American products we created a list of Made in the USA gifts. Our GIFT IDEAS are organized by price and can be quickly browsed to find gifts made in America.

To encourage Americans to participate in achieving the Big Secret, we created an additional incentive to buy Made in USA products. We call it our Cash Giveaway Promotional Program were we pay lucky purchasers of American made products up to $10,000. See our WIN $10,000 page for the details.

All of these incredible features are FREE and require NO REGISTRATION. Please buy more Ameircan made products and help us create millions of good paying American jobs.

Note 1: The Big Secret illustration resulted from extrapolating numbers gathered from ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. We also used the government's numbers for the trade deficit and unemployment to arrive at the calculations effect on them.

Note 2: Our calculation was so simple and the result so compelling that we wondered why everyone in America was not already aware of it. This is why we called it The Big Secret.